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Airfix 1/48 Dassault Super Etendard (07108)

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Hi all,

I am going to join in with this GB with an Argie Etendard. Here are the preliminary shots:


Box art:



Kit in the box, not started:



This is a tooling from the Heller days:



Step 1 of the instructions done:




Thanks for looking in, more tomorrow 👍

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Cheers Mish and thanks for the vote of confidence Gorbs 😂


Hi all,

Next update, and she is starting to look like a Yak Forger 😋 She needed a bit of sanding to get rid of the step where the top and bottom fuselage joined. So far, and quite unusually for Airfix of this era, no filler has been required 😃






Thanks for looking in, more soon 👍

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Hi all,

The build phase is finished, for the most part. There is still a few wee sticky out bits and dangly things left to add once the painting has been done. It is not the best fitting kit TBH, the canopy is terrible so will be posed open.





I hope to get the primer on tomorrow.

Thanks for looking in 👍

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On 21/09/2022 at 22:16, skwonk said:

I sometimes take a whole day just opening and closing a box before committing. Looking rather good for an old girl. And no filler? 

lol I do the same sometimes, I probably go through 15-20 boxes before deciding on what to build 😁 Only a wee sliver of filler was required here and there, not too shabby for a Heller kit 😎


Hi all,

I managed to get the white painted on Friday morning before work, and that was all until our return home last night, we had been down in deepest darkest Dorset at Lyme Regis. Last night I managed to find an hour and mask the white underside:



Then after work today I got some FS36118 Medium Gunship Grey on the French beastie:



Then once dry it was unmasked, only a few small touch ups required here and there:



More soon, thanks for dropping in 🙂

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On 20/09/2022 at 07:20, mac1677 said:

So far, and quite unusually for Airfix of this era, no filler has been required 😃

Richard wouldn't enjoy building it then. But surely the rest of us enjoy watching you build. It's going to look excellent.

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Thank you all 👍


Hi all,

Just a boring non-pictorial update for ya'll. So, I am applying the decals, lots of bloody decals veeeery slowly 😁


Hope to have a picture to show you later today sometime 🙂

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Hi all,

I have had the day off work today, got some jobs done around the house and finished the Etendard 👍 I will get some better pictures tomorrow, but these will do for now 😉


Dassault Super Etendard, 2nd Escuadrilla, Argentine Naval Aviation, Puerto Belgrano, 1982:






Thanks for looking in🙂

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