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ICM 1/48 kit of the Luftwaffe communications car converted from the standard Sd.Kfz. 222 light armoured car. This one served with the Gross Deutchland division in Ukraine, Spring 1942. The tactical sign of the circle and cross suggests it was attached to the motorcycle recce battalion.







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33 minutes ago, Gorby said:

That looks great Andy. Really, really tiny in'it! I particularly like the effect you've got on the metal part of the shovel.

It is tiny. Here it is with a Tiger 1 and Pz. III for comparison. All 1/48.



Taking that pic made me fix the scratched paint on the Pz. III hull top. It's only been a couple of years :D 

The effect on the spade (and the jack but you can't really see it) is Citadel's new contrast paint. Give it a white undercoat, slap the contrast on and it's thin enough that it does it's own shading and highlighting. You could get the same effect with washes &c but it's quick and easy with their paint. I used it a lot on the last walker I did in the space/sci fi gallery.


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