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Gargantuan goings-on in Gargunnock

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6 minutes ago, Jessie_C said:

it must be

Our posts overlapped. I saw you'd posted as I was typing.

I have an old Italeri Osprey kit which I might turn into a Shearwater MPS Mk 2. if Ms Quimby agrees.

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No. They stay as they are as F-K did considerable tests in the tank at Glen Fruin. You see, if you throw a stone into a bucket of water, the ripples spread outwards. He found if you throw an A400M prop into a very big bucket of water, the ripples also spread outwards. He also found that this caused considerable strain to his back but was worth it in the end because Ms Quimby gave a very good massage finally he had proved his theory.

That's why both props go outwards.

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26 minutes ago, Jessie_C said:

the Test Pilot refused to take it up.


It happens tomorrow and tomorrow for us on the correct side of the pond happens first so you can't know.

Gregor F-K did extensive research in the simulator aided by a special import test subject from Japan.


In any case Ms Quimby herself is an experienced pilot


but she was not parting with her Louboutins so she asked her sister to take on the job.


Anyway..we won't know what happens because...


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5 hours ago, Gorby said:

From a pile of random bits you've ended up with a believable looking aircraft.

Obviously the engines have the, up to now secret, new Scotlandish technology of 'Bagpipe-jets' where the output is ten times more dreadful powerful than the input. :yes:

Believable - until you start to look closer…then closer…then closer still 🤣🤪🤩.

Terrific job, @RWG686, it has a certain je ne sais crois…

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