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Gargantuan goings-on in Gargunnock

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10 hours ago, RWG686 said:


The moderators however decided that we were all trying to bypass the swear filter for the forum and shut the thread down. As a lot of you know, trying to talk to them is like peeing into a strong wind.


A brick has much more sense of humour, subtlety, intelligence and creativity than that bunch o’ Mods (all put together) 😬:rolleyes:

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10 hours ago, Jessie_C said:

Well that's F-King annoying.


10 hours ago, Mad Steve said:

oh good god there really is an F-K :w00t::yes:

Cue Mish heading for the naughty words filter to update it 🤣

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18 hours ago, RWG686 said:

The moderators however decided that we were all trying to bypass the swear filter for the forum and shut the thread down. As a lot of you know, trying to talk to them is like peeing into a strong wind.

You can't reason with people who aren't reasonable.

It was just a way of pushing out the nonconformists.  

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4 hours ago, Spartacus said:

Will it be able to carry the 'Clootie Dumpling' anti shipping weapon

Plans are afoot for the F-K S Mk.23 which could carry this weapon. 

This will be a simple conversion of the F-K Mk22 involving jacking up the canopy ,fitting new fuselage, wings and engines, then adding a new canopy.

The weapon should be ready for the New Year (according to Mrs F-K who already has it in the pot) but as the aircraft won't, it will probably be sent down to deepest Cornwallshire where a chappie with a Naval bent (as opposed to the Devon chappie with the bent navel) will try it out on a scrapped floatie thing.

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Work had slowed down a bit because Gregor had been ill. Nothing serious but bad enough that he missed the quarter finals of the dominoes tournament.

The fuselage would soon be ready for final assembly and moving to the paint shop.


Work on the engines was moved up a pace.

This was a crucial stage in the project and Gregor called his security team in for a briefing. 

Are we covered from the west? he asked.

We certainly are


How about the east?

All in hand


The North?

Well covered



There must be some weakness in the set up said Gregor

Not at all said security chappie.

South covered


Underground covered


Roof covered


and I'll be out on the perimeter with the young fella



The engine test cell was an exact copy of that used by Horace Eustice Bacon-Rolls who was chied engineer for Gregor's great grandfather.

It was all quiet for the moment




Hopefully that would change soon


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Looking at those last two pictures made me think that it wouldn't look out of place inside one of @Gorby's creations.

An unexpected setback occurred today when Gregor who was having a quiet lunchtime pint, was approached by a strange woman. Now by that I don't mean she was from Newcastle ,Nuneaton or even Coventry. She looked quite furtive and was dressed all in black. Perhaps she was from Edinburgh, a thought he soon had confirmed.

For a horrible moment Gregor thought that he had forgotten to cancel an appointment. He could not believe how easy it was to type the wrong thing into a computer. Yes he was looking for a 30 years old Escort but one made by Ford.

She then showed him a Government identity card and he wished than that he hadn't cancelled that order. Having government involved was the last thing he needed.

As it turned out the setback was for the good of the project.

Ms Quimby (but you may call me Seonaid and I'll have a pint of Bellhaven Best)) had got to hear about the F-K project and wished to examine it. If it was suitable she said that some government money would come his way. Gregor asked how much and was given a figure. Let me think on it he said, having a wee laugh to himself because as far as he was concerned any woman who drank Bellhaven Best was alright in his books.

Back at the farm he was surprised at her knowledge of matters aeronautical and after a few hours she said that she was happy to award him the contract for a proof of concept demonstrator of an inshore maritime patrol and fishery protection aircraft which would also have a secondary SAR role.

This was the setback...modifications would have to be made to the airframe . Thank goodness it was only to be an aerodynamic prototype as Gregor had no idea where he would obtain any of the spook stuff for the inside.

Thus was born the Featherstone-Kite Shearwater MPS Mk.1.

Something about the woman kept bugging Gregor and later that night he scoured his grandfather's photo albums. Aha he said, I thought she looked familiar. She must be the granddaughter of grandfather's second test pilot





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On 19/09/2022 at 22:12, RWG686 said:

Horace Eustice Bacon-Rolls who was chief engineer

Was it he that joined forces with Henry Egg-Royce to eventually produce the world famous Rolls-Royce Merlin sausage machine pumping engine(honestly!!!,it's no yolk you know)?

It was also licenced for production in the U.S as the "Pack Hard Sausage Stuffer".

What a splendidly attired young aviatrix,I bet she can pull a pint or two at "The Spiral Dive"(local inn).


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Typically when governments get involved things get complicated.

Now that he was actually going to get paid for his work though, Gregor had no real choice but to change the design.

Fortunately as the first machine was just an aerodynamic shell it didn't take much extra work to add the shapes which would house the operational wiggly amps bits on the real aircraft.


He even chanced his arm and added a dummy in flight refuelling probe..who knows, he might get a tanker contract.

Later that evening the engines were test fitted.  It finally looked as if real progress was being made.


Now all that was needed was the delivery of the windows then it would be a final rub down and into the paint shop.

Old Hamish had volunteered to collect the windows. Gregor was a bit worried about sending him but age 103 and the last surviving apprentice of his grandfather's time, how could he refuse?

Sadly Hamish had never driven on a straight road ,let alone a motorway. He was driving so slow that the wake turbulence from a Honda Jazz which undertook him caused disaster to strike


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4 hours ago, Gorby said:

Asssss if that's the only issue getting this thing airborne. :whistle:


do it the same as the early Boing 707's,a bit of flap,a very long runway,nail 'em to the wall and

wind 'er up on the brakes(lotsa black smoke),curve of the earth(gravity ride thrown in)

and let'er rip,woo-hoo we're off.

Like this

Why do jet engines smoke? - Aviation Stack Exchange

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Ms Quimby ( Call me Seonaid) telephoned to say that she was dropping in to inspect the project.

Gregor didn't know how he felt about this. She was a lovely woman but let the truth be known, he was a bit frightened of her.

She arrived and looked at the project.

Gregor ,she said as she sat down,


Good grief another damned expert he muttered as he went off to put on the kettle.

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