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Gargantuan goings-on in Gargunnock

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On 20/12/2022 at 18:09, RWG686 said:




Is that not the top secret F-K ultra high octane and very experimental jet fuel manufacturing plant?

And even if it turns out to be no good as fuel he can bottle it and put it behind the bar at the Spiral Dive



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On 18/01/2023 at 10:22, RWG686 said:

Meanwhile at the HQ of a place most of us are familiar with, the top management gathered to plan their latest venture across the wall.




Thought that was this crew?


New College spat like a Marx Brothers farce

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"You just can't get the quality these days" said Mac as all of the wood split as soon as the pressure was applied.

"Perhaps you should have tried somewhere other than Burger King (other outlets are available) then" replied Gregor.

"I'm off to look in the archives" said Eimhir.


There was a scratching noise at the door. Gregor opened it.



"That's all I need..a guard dog who thinks he's a pilot"

"On the subject of pilots" said Gregor, Ms Quimby seems to be enjoying her new job. She sent this photo.


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The wood soaking and drying by traditional methods was a compete disaster.


What didn't break, twisted.

" It's no use for anything now" said Mac.

" Oh, I can use it" said Eimhir

"What on earth for?" asked Gregor.

"Oh, I'm doing a photoshoot and I've got an idea for the wood" says Eimhir.

Later that week the wood was put to good use.


" Well, that's different " said Mac.

"Wonder what she'll be wearing to work tomorrow ?" thought Gregor.

"Wonder if I could use that fence" thought the security man.

So it was back to the drawing board.

After much humming and hawing they decided to build the helicopter as planned but with the curved bits made of aluminium.

" Just as well we got that new computer delivered today. The old one didn't have the power to control the cutting machine " said Mac.

Earlier that day :



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A new batch of timber was delivered and without further ado, work commenced on the main frame of the helicopter, using the latest technology and up to date thingymabobs.

Eimhir was too busy with a hammer installing the new computer so does not make an appearance in this episode. Normal service will be resumed later.



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1 hour ago, Che Guava said:

it might have been 'gusto'

No..that was Henry Guisto, one of the Glasgow spotters. Don't think he ever did any F-K work.

Meanwhile ,in the office, Eimhir noticed the glum looks on Mac and Gregor's faces.



Realising that she must have overheard their comments on her dress, Gregor and Mac put on a brave face.



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Since it was Friday, Mac and Gregor decided to turn up at work dressed in other than their normal gear

z2x3n2H2_o.jpg  EONglJkH_o.jpg

Unfortunately Eimhir wasn't there to appreciate their gesture.

They found a note on her desk saying that she would be in a bit later as she had to attend her pirates class.

"I assume she meant 'pilates' class" said Gregor.

Meanwhile in the village hall:


Over in the workshop a check on the frame showed that the glue was curing properly. Work on the rotors had progressed very well and they were almost ready for a balance check.

There was still no sign of Hamish returning from his adventures down in Notland so that check would have to wait for a bit.

Plans were also afoot at another place as the pieman and his associates put the final touches to their latest venture.

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53 minutes ago, Gorby said:

I was wondering what military roll this device is intended for.

Dear Sir,

Please see post dated Jan 05.

I was quite shocked that you would suggest a military role for this machine.

It is a well known fact that the SSS is a peaceful organisation and has no interest in such matters

We are an equal opportunities organisation and even make vegetarian pies when pressed to.

As to the ceiling fan suggestion. Where do you think we came up with the design ?

I note that you reside in farthest Notland. Next time you cross the wall, you are more than welcome to visit.

yours faithfully,

Delphinium Philodendron.

(Chief Bigwig)


I think DP's letter covers the matter but feel I must add the the steampunk avenue (perhaps Eddy Grant song will soon need updating) gives yet another excuse to show off Eimhir's costumes so there!



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19 minutes ago, RWG686 said:

Please see post dated Jan 05.

I was quite shocked that you would suggest a military role for this machine.

Aaaaarh. I must have nodded off part way though your ramblings.

I was mistaking that society for the other SSS (Stenhousemuir Sociopath Society) which, being situated in the wilderness north of Notland, is the society with many more members than the Stenhousemuir Steampunk Society. I assumed the device was for the 'Really pissing people off' wing of the numerically superior SSS.

My mistake. Carry on. :whistle:


Signed Gorbs (there are days where I only really seem to understand breakfast). :|

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