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Lexington flight deck colour

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A bit of digging found this. I Have no idea what the colours look like but they're allavailable in Sovereign Hobbies' (ex-White Ensign) range so you could work from there:

Lexington (CV-2) was painted in MS-12 up until her refit in March 1942:

- from the waterline up to the hangar deck it was 5-S Sea Blue

-  vertical surfaces above that were painted 5-O Ocean Grey

-  everything above the level of the funnel top was 5-H Haze Grey.

- horizontal surfaces other than the flight deck were 20-B Deck Blue

- flight deck was Norfolk 250-N Flight Deck Stain


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Looking at the website on my laptop, my first thought was that it looked very close to the old Humbrol 144 Intermediate Blue. I used to use a site that gave equivalents but that died the day they switched Flash off. This is the paint, it looks darker on my phone, but then the whole range does



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Hi all, whilst clearly well intentioned the above is a series of approximations diverging ever further from a dubious origin.

250-N was darker than 20-B and both were substantially darker than Intermediate Blue.



These are original colour photographs of USS Wasp CV-7 wearing rather faded 250-N. The careful observer will spot fresher stain near the bow though which are substantially darker than the rest. Even the faded stain elsewhere is darker than the Blue Gray paint underneath the wings of the TBDs and SB2Us on the flight deck. The insignia date this photograph to prior to Flight Deck Stain 21 replacing Norfolk 250-N (as does the extensive use of linoleum evident).






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