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Aztec Models - D-063 War for the Falklands/Malvinas 2 - 1/72 - Decals

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I bought these for the Dagger I'm building and may as well do a little review.



They come in a resealable plastic bag that is a bit too small.

Two pieces of card reinforce the package, however they're smaller than the decal sheet so the edges are a little bent:



I've yet to use them, but Cartograf decals are considered excellent by many.

However there is slight damage to the RAF Hercules fin flash, labelled HF:



I did have a chuckle at these being labelled both 'Made in Mexico' and 'Made in Italy'.

The two separate white sheets are masks with the words 'ARMY' and two 'X':



There are three double sided colour sheets of information, including decals locations, paint colours, and histories of specific aircraft and events:



There are also four doubled sided black and white sheets of further information. It's a shame these aren't also in colour:


Decals for the weapons and even the pilots helmets are included.

Their own website doesn't list exactly which aircraft there are markings for, so I shall now list them here:

For Argentina:

A-4C Skyhawk

  • C-313 'Trueno'
  • C-321 'Zonda 3'
  • C-318 'Zonda 4'
  • C-305 'Jaguar'

SP-2H Neptune

  • 2-P-112 before March 23rd 1982
  • 2-P-112 after March 23rd 1982

IAI Dagger

  • C-418
  • C-420
  • C-431
  • C-436
  • C-430
  • C-410
  • C-419
  • C-415 before June 1982
  • C-415 after June 1982
  • C-407
  • C-432
  • C-437

C-130 Hercules

  • TC-68 'Litro 1'

Chinook CH-47C

  • H-91
  • AE-521

S-2E Tracker

  • 2-AS-24


For the United Kingdom:

Chinook HC.1

  • ZA718 'Bravo November/The Survivor'

C-130 Hercules

  • XV218

Westland Gazelle

  • XX411

F-4M Phantom

  • XV484 'C'
  • XV468 'W'
  • XV464 'U'
  • XV406 'D'
  • XV495 'N'
  • XV466 'A'

I bought mine directly from Aztec:


They took a month to get here from Mexico, though that was probably lengthened due to the postal workers strike.

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25 minutes ago, Long said:

I forgot to say:

It's available in 1/72 and 1/48 scale.

It's part 2. Part 1 is here:


I think @ExNurseGazhas that set.

Yup! The 1/72 version. The Argentine Air Force (it just causes confusion if you say FAA!) serial numbers provided will allow completion of any of those listed,

but you'd run out of number decals before doing all of them!

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