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HMHS Britannic - Based on Trumpeter 1/200 Titanic - by Kevin - Started September 2022

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Good afternoon everyone

thank you for comments and likes


day 16 

i not going to go on about airbrushing, other than i remember why i dont do it

preshading, well thats enouth of that

deck work continues, yet again KA dont put in where everything goes, and hence i missed some of trhe stain glass window detals, to late now

lighting conrinues, i will most likely be running three feeds 


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2 hours ago, Gorby said:

That's looking great Kevin.

Looks like you should get it all rapped-up and ready for the gallery by Tuesday. :yes: 

not quite, but it has to be finished before Christmas, 

Edited by Kevin
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21 hours ago, skwonk said:

Those windows are something else. BZ old bean, BZ!

i missed the next set on the same deck level, as they are not mentioned in the KA upgrade set of instructions

11 hours ago, Mish said:

She's looking superb Kevin I am impressed by your skills.

thank you

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Good afternoon everyone

thank you for comments and likes


DAY 18

revisited the enclosed after deck and sorted the hatch truckways and the new 2nd class gymnasium


also on the top deck is a childrens play room this still needs work, im not happy with it at all


i think some primer is required



the primer has stopped the lightbleed



both sides of the hull are now with topcoats, been deliberatly left looking pants to ease the weathering (which is the same as i hate airbrushing)


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good evening everyone


day 22

over the weekend i did some photo etch and made up some of the winches and pumps


then i revisited the preverbial pain, that being the after welll deck. i was getting lots of light bleed so it was all ripped out and resorted


its better now, and the bulkheads dont glow anymore

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22 minutes ago, Gorby said:

Wow, they look fantastic!

I assume they are stuck to double sided tape.

If I used that method I'd find that the board had been stuck to my back for half the day.

its a white putty like the branded bluetac


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good evening everyone


Thank you for comments and likes

day 23 forward well deck cargo hatches


the Britannic had a very different fwd well deck to the Titanic with raised cargo hatches up to the height of the focastle,

between these hatches are doors, so i am at present still trying to work out whats was in there, possibly access to ladders to the holds

titanic kit,


the hatch covers, and vents and winches are from the KAMK1 kit the rest is scratched








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good evening everyone

thank you for comments and likes


day 24 putting airbrush demons to bed


at long last i have sucessfully used the airbrush twice, and got decent results, i like Tamiya paints, i hate vajello primer 


Hospital ships of the era were painted white and Military hospital ships were also identitified with green bands , i may have used too dark a green but it will be staying like this (for now anyway (not tempting fate)

Hospital ship - Wikipedia


a small amount of touching up to do












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