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Hellooooooooooooooooooo :w00t:

Right then....

I've basically finished building & painting the trailer. There are only about a dozen pieces for the trailer, (okay maybe a couple more) but it's a nice quick build.

The ramps won't be completed until the tanks done. Surprisingly, the ramps aren't hydraulic, but rather manual removed and fitted. I suppose less things that can go wrong. 


Okay then, tankipoos next.  

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Afternoon Everyone :w00t:

Right then...

Time to start building the Type 10.

You can build your Type 10 in 2 different ways, in lowered travel mode, or the usual normal stance

All the instructions noting the differences between the two are in Japanese, (which helps a lot), but after a few minutes its easy differentiate between the two. (There are different track pieces and for the lowered version)

Pretty simple to get it all together.

Aoshima solved the two version problem by the two center pieces in the hull. They have different hole positions for each version. None of the suspension is glued at the mo because the fit is very slack and I want to get the wheels straight before I glue the Axles etc in.


This shot shows how raised the axles are.

When the side skirts are fitted you basically can't see any of the undercarriage (which means I really don't think I'm going to bother with all that bloody irritating masking on the wheels as they are not visible :evil:


Thats it for now, painting to be done ...

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Evening Everyone :w00t:

Made a start on the Type 10.

The Hull as you see it below is just 3 pieces, but quite a bit of Photo Etch gets added. 

All the areas under the Photo Etch need sanding down so that the pieces fit flush. 


To illustrate the point about the lowered suspension.... 

The lower rubber skirts are just about touching the floor. 

Why is the tank lowered like this? Simple, so it fits under the minimum height restriction bridges in Japan :yes:


More soon... :w00t:

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