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Evenin All :w00t:

I have a love hate relationship with Aoshima. The car kits are very good, (Pagani's and Lambo's), the bikes are... meh. They make different stuff, but have some very good bike kits, (V Max and NSR 250's), but the one range that they do very well is 72nd scale armour. 

So having said that, thought I might give this a turn...


The Tank Transporter dates back to 2015, and the Type 10 to 2019. I'm not 100% sure what the truck is, probably a Hino or Isuzu.

I'm not going to do the whole box of Runners, just quick shots....

The Tank has 12 runners, 6 of which are tracks


And the Truck & Trailer have another 6


There's even some very nice photo etch.... (most of it is for the tank)


The truck is fully detailed, has an engine and internal detail...



But I must say, it does look rather spiffy all together...


Well, that's it then, onwards :)  


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Evenin All :w00t:

Work has started, woohoo :) 

I mentioned yesterday I thought the truck was a Hino or Isuzu, but its actually a Mitsubishi, which I should have know as Mitsubishi build most of the JGSDF's vehicles. :yes:

Basic chassis and suspension went together quite quickly, but hell of a fragile.


Quite easy to paint this as the truck and trailer are one colour, JGSDF Olive Drab. 




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Afternoon Everyone :w00t:

Some progress has been made. 

Even tho its quite detailed, its actually quite simple to put together.

Chassis completed and sprayed LP Semi Gloss Black

There is actually very little of the chassis or engine visible once its all together and I'm not going to make the Cab lift so this will do. 


And the interior of cab has been painted...


Onwards..... :scooter:


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Afternoon Everyone :w00t:

Just a quick update today.....

Wheels on and a couple of touch ups still needed before drybrushing the wheels 


And the Cab has been painted Tamiya XF JGSDF Olive Drab. I'm using acrylic because the colour isn't available in the LP range. or should I say, not available here yet.  



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Evenin All :w00t:


The tires have been dry brushed with XF Flat Earth


The cab is putting up a fight, and I'm not actually sure why... It just doesn't seem to fit. No worries tho, I'll sort it out. Oh note; if you are going to build one, the instructions show you need to put the windscreen in through the inside of the cab and I nearly snapped it in half, and then realised it goes in the other way round, so then it just slipped in quite nicely.

Photo Etch is starting to make an appearance now...

If there's one thing Aoshima know how to do, and do it well, its Photo Etch. Thin, Flexible and easy to use.

Only one piece on the truck, a couple on the trailer and the majority on the tank.

I really cant wait to see how those tie downs work out on the trailer :) 



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I've got this in the stash so I'm enjoying your build and taking notes. Not sure about the PE yet - I'm still new to it and not having a good time at all with the ICM stuff. 


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Evenin All :w00t:

If you recall yesterday I said I couldn't get the Cab to fit.  I thought I'd just retrace my steps and see maybe if I could trace the problem and it actually only took me a few minutes to see that I had glued the hinge bracket for the Cab the wrong way round (duuuuuh!)

Anyhoo... with that sorted, the Cab magically fits perfectly... funny that :shrug:

Well, almost perfectly...

There's something odd about this cab....



It looks like its leaning foward but it's actually not, and I'm not fond of the clear bits... but then it hit me, it's because the cab is so tall. 

Think about the German Faun, or the Maz, or the Oshkosh Tank Transporters, they are pretty low and squat. This one's quite tall and the glass panel in the door, although a necessity, looks a bit naff in this scale.

Anyhoo, front bit of the tractor done, now for the back. :) 


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Wotcha :w00t:

The nerdy little lorry is starting to grow up...

Nothing is glued down yet. the Quiddich goal thing is actually just a holder to lift up the Suzie air pipes so they don't get tangled when the trailer is turning.

Interesting fact #214- In Japan, during peacetime, Tank Transporters are only allowed on the road at night, due to the countries heavy haulage regulations.  The JGSDF don't need huge hulking Tank Transporters like the Russians or Europeans as they operate 90% on Tared or surfaced roads :yes:


more later :) 


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Afternoon Everyone :w00t:

The trailer was a very simple affair to put together. I think the most complicated part of the build was the painting.

There is a white stripe on the outer edge of the platform and I still need to mask off the inner half of the stripe and some touch ups needed. Once that's all done I can give it a coat of Semi Gloss Clear.   


This is what it looks like next to the tractor. 

Really doesn't look big enough to be a tank transporter does it. :w00t:


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