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The ludicrous thing and pals get grounded.

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This dio drags on doesn't it? Still working on it although it's going very slowly due to 'other stuff' and varying degrees of mojo. Don't worry, it'll get done. About a month ago I thought, 'I've got about another months work on this ….'. That's probably why my prediction that I've got about another months work on it will probably be taken with a pinch of salt. Mind you 'other items' are likely to appear and as I vowed that I'd not be buying any more kits for the dio, it's increased my workload a teeny tiny tad.

For a 1/72 dio it'll be quite big – big for me anyway. 52.5 meters by 20.5 meters. :ermm:

Oh, that's scaled up from 1/72 to reality. In 1/72 it's 73cm (29”) by 28cm (11”).

I happened to have a bit of ply which had been used for something else before that would be suitable, so after I cut it to size I routed the edges – not to make it pretty, it's intended to make something else easier at a later date.



A few months back I built a choo choo train which is destined for this dio so I've already done part of the tracks, I just need to add to it.



Originally I was going to have the track at more of an angle across the board and have stuff happening both sides of the line. After a brief play around with the bits the stuff behind the train wouldn't be easy to see. So after blocking the ends and adding something to the bottom to give it a bigger area to glue:



It got stuck onto the board with PVA.



It didn't look right.



Fortunately, because Hobbyboss gives you twice as much track as you need, there was just enough track left over to do:



When I painted the base for the choo choo train it was a bit tedious….now I've got three times more to paint. :|

Why do I do this to myself?

This may take a while so I hope you're patient.

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2 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

oh wait, you, buy something, yeah cancel that question

Exactly. :yes:

Although the tracks are actually quite detailed so no need to upgrade. 

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One of my mates from IPMS Rutland used to buy model railway magazines to study pictures of railway tracks and go out to photograph railway tracks as light relief from his Panther obsession. He now designs rolling stock in 1/35th scale for some company I can't remember, great bloke but deffo af he's heed.

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  • 2 weeks later...

As I mentioned last time, my dio looked like it needed something extra, and as the mojo has been up and down like a toupee in a hurricane, I've been jumping from one job to another. Elsewhere on this lovely site I've already shown my tree – which has now become a dead tree (well this build has been going on so long it was inevitable wasn't it?) :



I decided a building of some sort would be good, and as it's by a rail line a signal box would probably be better than an opera house. After a brief Googlise I was more confuse than I started (and that really is a feat making me more confused) so I resorted to the time honoured 'Making it up as I go along' method. It's served me well in the past so why take the drastic step of being accurate?

I've got quite a bit of balsa left from a previous dio so that was chosen as the main material. Start with the main bits for the top floor:


As you can see, it's going to have two doors. :ermm:



I've also got an ever decreasing stash of veneer of some unknown hard wood which I bought years ago as flooring for my daughters dollshouse. That was supposed to be a never to be repeated nightmare (although it was less mentally scaring than ironing down individual black and white tiles in a checker board pattern :cry:). I never learn.



That damn annoying perfectionist in me wasn't happy that I didn't put something in the corners to make it look tidier. It's supposed to look a bit rickety, so for once I managed to ignore the voices.


Other end.



With the coffee-stirrer and cocktail stick steps.


I've since added a handrail the other side as I feel I have a duty of care for my dio employees. It's health and safety gone mad I tell you. 

Originally I intended to have corrugated metal sheets on the roof – then I remembered my corrugated sheet maker is 1/48 and it just looked silly. Damnit! After whipping a couple of brain neurons back to life, I opted to do those rounded roof tiles you occasionally see on European buildings. This decision was made after zero research – which is slightly more research than normal.

Even as I was making it I wasn't convinced. It didn't look right.



It wasn't until the end I found the balsa panel the tiles were attached to had warped because of the glue.

P1060984.JPG       P1060985.JPG


But was I cast down? No!

Oh. Actually the answer is 'yes' isn't it. :yes:

Coming soon to a screen near you....

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That decided it. Plan C it was.

The previous tiles looked cartoony and scaled up they would have been 340mm (13.5”)wide. Not good enough.

This dio is certainly making good use of past purchases… about thirty years ago I bought a few woodworking gouges for one project, and never used this one again. Not for carpentry anyway – I've used it once before for modelling. If anything it was too small a radius, but the next size up is much too big. Scaled up the new tiles would be about 110mm (4.5”). I tried 0.25mm plastic sheet first and it was too much effort for a work-shy git like me. Fortunately I've got some good quality paper which was perfect. This strip took me about three mins.


I was determined I'd get the second roof done in one day. My ability to give a monkeys was slipping away faster than British television standards...well, maybe not that fast. That's why the rows of tiles are placed further apart than they should be. It was either that or the whole lot in the bin.


Talking of bin, that's where the first roof ended up. It looked laughable in comparison so I'm pleased the bloody thing warped.



Going back to the main bit, it needed something inside so it doesn’t look like the bailiffs have called. I didn't need to go overboard as you probably wont be able to see much...obviously I went overboard, because I was enjoying myself. And it was sooooo quick – this took just over an hour:

P1060971.JPG    P1060972.JPG

After everything except the dog got primed with diluted PVA, I splashed paint on it and while I was at it I used fifty shades of terracotta* to do the roof tiles:

P1060981.JPG    P1060977.JPG

* That may be a giant fib. :whistle:

That just left the windows to sort out. The problem was getting all the frames of the little window pains painted straight and even. I used some masking tape to mark it out on the back and as my experiments with paint/ink on the surface of the clear plastic was like getting water to stick to a frying pan, I had to use the scriber before inking it.



Scale that up and it would be a squillion quid in London.



For the tree, the florist wire cost £1.99 about 15 years ago, so the tree cost me about £2.20.

I can't remember what the veneer cost so I'll say 50p for the amount I used. All the plastic I used was from the scrap pile, so the signal box cost about £1 to build. Both together took me about three weeks. 15p a day! That's what you call a perfect hobby for a tight-arse. :smile:

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5 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

The inside of the signal box looks brilliant ,😁👍

And it would be even better if you could see any of it from the outside. :laughing:

Thanks matiepoos. 

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