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A-4C Skyhawk - Airfix - 1/72

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This is great stuff! Keep going!

The thing about this kind of exercise is you learn so much about problem solving and the limits of different materials. It all comes in useful on other kits.

Dare I mumble the word Milliput? We all do things differently, but it’s my go to for major shape changes.

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2 hours ago, Gorby said:

Sanding is my least favourite task

The red thing in the background of some of the photos is the handle of this thing:


It's far too big for sanding around things on a model, but when the entire area is flat it's great. My hands sometimes cramp and twitch when I'm holding something small, so this prevents that. The spongey bit on the bottom also stops it from immediately annihilating curves like sandpaper stuck to a bit of wood does.

I also like using it when sanding something round in the drill or dremel.

I got it from here, though it's no longer available:


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On 26/08/2022 at 17:07, Long said:


Well, yes; how about now?




Aha,it's met Sharkey Ward in his Sea Harrier and he's stuffed a Sidewinder up it's jet pipe.Yes?

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Here's the pilot, originally his legs were moulded together and his left arm to his side.

I don't know what the Skyhawk pilots wore, so I made up something close to what I've seen Dagger pilots wearing in photos.



I've built the front gear out of brass sheet and tubing, plus stretched sprue and plasticard. There are still some hydraulic lines and rods to add.

The wheel is a bit naff, so I may replace that.




Next up will be building the rear landing gear :)


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