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Is Eagle still up there?

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I wonder, when the next generation of moon explorers get up there, whether they'll be able to find it, rescue it and bring it to a stable orbit where it can remain safe. It's one of the 20th Century's most historically important artifacts, after all.

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The original Apollo 11 brought back pieces of an early moon lander, they scraped some dust off it and grew bacteria from Earth that spent years on the moon, after all those years in no oxygen and sub zero temperatures life was still there. I doubt Earth is really our "home" planet.

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Surveyor 3? That was the Apollo 12 crew. More recent speculation is that the contamination happened after the parts got back to Earth.

Incidentally, Pete Conrad wanted to play a practical joke with his camera. He had an automatic shutter release that he planned to attach to the camera and take a picture of both he and Al Bean together (note that in all the lunar still pictures, you only ever see one man at a time, because the other one is taking the picture). Conrad planned to put the camera on Surveyor, take the photo of both of them together, and then not mention it until the film was developed. He wanted to see how long it took before someone asked "How the heck did this get taken?" Sadly, while trying to mount the shutter release onto the camera, he dropped it and wasn't able to pick it back up because of the stiffness of his suit :(


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1 minute ago, Leo said:

Well, Eagle might still be up there, but the base... At this point, the parking meter must have exploded

I can't help thinking that if aliens have passed by on an interstellar journey they seen it and thought, "Pfft, no wonder they left that there."

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