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Here's one I served on even earlier..

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So it begins; Trumpy 1/350 Westminster. And yes, already starting corrective surgery etc.

Is that a cable? It doesn't even look '700 never mind '350. I have replacement stuff at hand.


And still no flight deck hatch. How many '23's have Trumpy looked at? I'm sure there are spies who they can consult or; even all the images available on tinternet.


QD; WTH? At least there's a door STBD but none on port. TA hatch may be passable for an earlier fit but the window for the winch control room? For heaven's sake. It's not proud of the bulkhead and is at least less than half of the size suggested by the raised part.


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1 hour ago, Col. said:

Here we go off to another voyage of discovery about this particular type. Full steam ahead Captain Skwonk! :thumbsup:

Trumpy is a voyage I would not recommend; for instance, why did they decide to split the flight deck? Silly really, just silly. Anyway, this part is a bit thick to be cutting out so just taking a shim out for the PE Harpoon grid from the Peter Hall set to fit in.


Bow dome halves glued. And the back end will need further investigation for the earlier fitment.


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Aha! Something Trumpy may have got right. Notice earlier turret and back end. I've no doubt there'll be more horrors lurking along the way. The question now is; was there a transom flap added at this stage?


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23 minutes ago, skwonk said:

Trumpy is a voyage I would not recommend... Silly really, just silly.

Much the same as with their aircraft kits in my experience. Almost as if they throw in deliberate mistakes ¬¬ At least in this instance the kit is in the hands of someone who knows the subject as well as having the skill and patience to correct it.

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More fighting the Trumpy idea of a '23 QD.  Sketching underway with the WCR window cut down in size.


A quick sketch from memory of how it should be. I may have missed some bits.


WTH? Never have I seen a longitudinal section this shape. I mean, on Marlborough in the Med in '98 we used to sit on this bit, have a tab and watch Mount Etna at night chucking lava bombs out. Definitely straight so I cut off the curve and turned it around.


Adding a bit of stuff. The white bits are a phone in a yellow box and something else I can't remember, the larger white bit is a locker full of dabbers' stuff. All out of scale here but it gives an idea. The small round white bit is the laundry vent; a door from the Peter Hall set added port side. The grey smudge stbd is where the bollards should be. At least it will look busy through the PE netting.


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10 hours ago, Mish said:

What amazes me the most is that can remember the exact details of a ship you once served on. I think back to all the military bases I worked on and they now merge into one :D Good work mate.

I cant even remember soddin breakfast :huh:

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7 hours ago, Mad Steve said:

I cant even remember soddin breakfast :huh:

I can, two cups of tea and two fags (cigarettes for our transatlantic members).

Anyway, netting and guardrails added. It may seem odd to put these on at this stage but I'm going to prime all in one go then paint afterwards.


Harpoon grid which needed repositioning almost as the CA had dried and still slightly proud of that rancid split flight deck. The aft part sits higher than the rest of the deck and needs rubbing to achieve a single level.


Undoubtedly more flow noise necessary until the filler sets


A bit of stuff done for the mast.


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A bit more stuff done.

A bit blurred but the bullring is on as well as the various fairleads etc. Bow dome now faired in as well.


Stabs on.


996 facing PE attached, (slightly askew due to my clumsiness), again from the Peter Hall set as well as some cut lengths of stock ladder from the same set. The kit PE ladders are smaller. During the mast joining and blending I had to knock back the mast lights so ended up using small bits of fine rod, albeit a bit on the large size for this scale.


Notice the difference in size from a PE door to the moulded on kit ones. Yes, some doors onto the UD and compartments are different sizes but the bridge ones aren't as small as the moulded on doors. There's an internal airlock on the stbd side afore exiting. Both sides have a wooden door with a perspex window just inside the outer doors. 


RU and Seagnat lockers fitted as well as a port bridge wing door fitted from the Peter Hall set. 


Fine gaps to be filled around the bazaars. Notice the for'ard flare at the base of the hangar; Trumpy got this right would you believe.


Just sitting the superstructure on for a look. The position of that small RU locker looks a bit suspect to me.


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Some more gluey stuff done.

The 'hangar.' 😄🤣WTH? The black dot you see in the corner is where there should be an access door. Never have I seen a hangar interior like this. I only added it for structural strength and I may have the hangar door (thankfully I have a PE one) slightly open.


A couple of shots of the Harpoon areas with the Peter Hall PE set used.



Crowns added port and stbd. Kit decals are just a big no no here as the real things are not just painted on the funnel. Anybody any idea why Monmouth has a black crown and name plates? No prizes though.


They look wonky because I haven't fully glued them yet. These were easier to do than in '700. The cross section is made of two parts which interlock with narrow grooves. They're sat atop the kit instructions in this shot.


Door to the airlock leading into the wardroom flat. Can't remember what the others were but they're not where the Humbrol TCG is kept. In fact, I think I need some more of that.


Using up some stock ladders and doors. This is the port RAS position and is generally the tabbing area nowadays on these things.


Blast bag made from almost dry PPP and ejector shute added from a bit of rod. The kit part for this is smaller than the sprue attachment. The barrel looks just too long and skinny IMO.


You may think it madness to attach this guardrail now but in the '700 fiasco this area caused me no end of bother as Trumpy had moulded flag lockers in place. These are separate in this scale and so will be added later.


Thick plasticard to represent the missing hatch and name plates port and stbd just in case I forget which ship it is. The Peter Hall set has these for each ship in class, and they're readable.


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Have a look at this; Westminster inboard, Sutherland outboard. Westminster has had the Sea Ceptor upgrade. You can see the notable differences in this overhead shot. Also, you can see the small flight deck hatch aft open on both.


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Much folding, glue, wailing and gnashing of teeth today, you'll see further down.

Two shapes of SCOT domes, I'm using the more rounded ones.


The 911 trackers. Yep, assembled prior to painting but....it's easier to pick out the guardrails and treadplates etc. after a spray of TCG.


Muck up on my part for crying out loud! See where I had to remove the glued on ladder? (It's been rubbed down a bit now). And this was after the PE yardarms were attached. The yardarms are three piece affairs whereas the lower one with the 'sword and shield' antenna is four part


Now aft


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8 hours ago, Grunhertz said:

That pe looks really impressive 

This lot maybe not so. The 996 pedestal needs multiple folds as does the platform. Also attached is a fair few support brackets; can't remember how many but I lost two. Hopefully the missing ones won't show up as much when it's painted. I think there maybe a bit of a wonk going on. So many attempts to get the platform onto the pedestal I lost count.



Got these decals from Peter Hall this morning. Tempted to change the name to Lancaster now that I have the option.


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Seaboats done bar the outboards. You may be able to make out the wheels. The stern area sticky up thing is an aerial and the smaller sticky up thing is a flashing blue light. I've been in these things at speed and yes, wet, very wet was the result. Everything bar the 'Merlin shape' ready for priming now.


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