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Old dog trying to learn new tricks.

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OK..I decided to try this airbrush malarkey so I bought a cheapie and of course there are no instructions on how to use it.

My first attempts were much like I got out of a rattle can..yes that precise!

A problem has cropped up.

After I cleaned it it now only sprays a very narrow line. As much use to me as a chocolate fire guard.

Here's a pic


I know I could probably find out answers on the internet but please indulge me.

What do the bits A to E do and what happens if I use the smaller needle?

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A is the nozzle cap different sizes required for different nozzles 

B nozzle housing 

C looks like some sort of rudimentary trigger limiter

D looks like the section that secures the back of the brush on 

E needle chuck secures the needle 

My question is, is it a single or dual action airbrush if you are only getting a fine line then it maybe you need to look at the needle adjuster as you may not be getting a lot of travel in the needle 

A smaller needle will give you a finer spray pattern, 


Pm me if you like and I'll try to help 

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D is the spring guide, the bit sticking out the back is the needle chuck guide. My guess is that the needle chuck nut is loosened and the needle is not retracting. Try loosening the nut and make sure the needle is seated in the nozzle by gently moving it forward whilst simultaneously rotating it so that it beds in. If you use too much force you can split the nozzle, which is a very bad thing. Tighten up the needle chuck nut and all should be well.

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If D (Spring guide as Paul says) is screwed all the way in you'll get a very heavy trigger requiring a decent amount of effort to pull it back and should have no effect on line width at all, unless the designers of this airbrush have been very crafty. You wouldn't have this with a single action brush, unless again the designers are having a laugh!

Paul may well have hit the nail on the head, as if the needle chuck (E) is loose the needle will not move and I'm surprised you get anything! However if the needle seal is reasonably tight then the needle may have moved to the just open position allowing a small amount of paint flow.

C is a limiter meaning it's (probably. See point 1) a dual action brush, much like the ones on Iwata or H&S, but using the old Badger approach. As it is you should get pretty much full movement and therefore control of line width. Screw it all the way in and get ready for some serious spray action!!! Probably do the whole room at once.🤪

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