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Your XS really does look real! Fantastic!

Your mention of 1/9 bike kits reminds me that I have the Revell repop of the old ESCI BMW R75 (1972) wot I also built in…1972. I could be tempted to start that one but no guarantees whatsoever that it would get completed in a sensible* time frame - like all my other builds (12+ unfinished at latest count, and that’s just plastic models (don’t ask 🤣). And I have a literal heap of 1/12 bike 😬. Well, they seemed like a good idea at the time 🤪🙄😬.


* For a certain value of ‘sensible’…

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Afternoon Everyone :w00t:

Bit of a lazy day today. Went to pick up my new Drivers License card this morning, but that was that so managed to get some stuff done :) 

Marigolds on again because working with Gloss Black

There are some rub down decals for the writing on the side panels.


Line them up with the plastic on the side covers, then use the wooden end of a paint brush and give it a good rub down, peel off the plastic and.... wallah


Next up the logos for the tank needed painting. Just use thinned gloss black enamel and paint in between the letters. Doesn't matter if you go over the lines you can just wipe the paint off with an earbud...

As usual, looks shite on camera 



Ta daaaaa


I think it looks rather nice.... :yes:


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