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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

This thing has been sitting in my cupboard for a year now and its time it got built. 

Been after this for yonks, and finally it literally fell into my lap this time last year. I love building the big 1/6th scale bikes, so much detail and so big, great fun...:thumbsup:


Here's a quick shot of what's, in the box (just too many runners to photograph, cant be arsed)


An idea of the size of the frame...


Now you think chrome runners are fun to play with... try gold ones :) 

Thankfully those chaps at Tamiya have been awwwfully clever in this department.

Firstly, those gold coloured wheels. They aren't molded gold, they have been painted X 12 Gold and clear coated. You still need to add the silver bits, but they are the exact colour they need to be. 

The seat is a kind of rubbery material as is normal on these kits


The decals have very little of the gold livery. The two gold circles on the decal sheet look a bit suspect tho. Underneath that, the Midnight Express gold logo for the side covers, the rub down type.

And at the bottom a piece of Gold BMF, so you can tidy up join lines and cut off points with the foil. (We shall see about that story)


And finally the mechanical bits...


The front shocks actual work, as does the rear suspension. The Handlebars and Side stand are supplied in metal and all the blinky lights are already coloured.

I had considered doing this in Metallic Red instead of the Midnight Express, but then I'd need to have the XS Eleven logo's made, so meh, lets do SHINY! :yes:

This ones going to take a while :popcorn:


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27 minutes ago, Grunhertz said:

Nice!!! Still not an Africa twin though is it :stirthepot:

oh brrrrrrp :harhar:

It may be a fantastic kit, but handing over 4 large for a kit (thats R4000 here) is just too much... 

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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

Finally made a start on the Yamaha :yes:

At this size cleaning the mold lines can be quite a chore, and it took a good couple of hours cleaning up both sides. The frame has since been primed and will be painted Black before detail painting is done


Hope you like Black cos there ain't much more colour wise in this build, but ill be using clear coats for definition instead of just EVERYTHING gloss black


Laters :) 

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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

The remaining bits of the frame have all been joined together and given its first coat of LP Semi Gloss Black.

I'll leave that overnight to dry and give it a coat of Semi Gloss Clear tomorrow. 


Next up, the engine :) 

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Evenin All :analintruder:

A little progress has been made, but in this scale a little bit goes a long... erm, actually no it doesn't, its still just a little bit. :) 

First up, the ignition coil, in the top of the frame. The little spark plug booties are 'real' rubber. They come with mold lines and are nigh on impossible to remove. Just use a very sharp blade and trim them off as much as you can.


Next up the carbs.

Usually in the 1/12th kits its 2 or 4, 1 piece carbs stuck behind the engine, but at twice the usual scale we have a lot more detail, and a nice little 25 piece mini model comes out looking like carbs... :analintruder: The caps on top are gold, and I'm thinking of spraying the gold bits with Semi Gloss Clear just to take SHINY! out of it. Maybe, lets see.  


Last up the Air Box.

Don't bother cleaning the mold line around the center, as its a two piece jobbie held together with wingnut screws. (and there are plastic wingnuts :)) There's also some gold flashy jobs going on the Airbox too. 


That's it for now. Time to start building the engine.  


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Evenin All :w00t:

Just a little bit of an update. 

Carbs have been painted and are hanging around in the drying area.

I've come to the point in the build where the shiny bits make their debut appearance....

The side covers for the Airbox and the caps for the Carbs...


But they are just too shiny for me, so I gave them a coat of Semi Gloss Clear and wallah


I prefer the non shiny shiny.

Tell you why... A show bike would be a blingy shiny thing, but one in say, everyday use, my reckoning, would not be as blingy shiny. (My GSX was blingy shiny for exactly one day, the day I bought it :))


Your opinions would be appreciated. 

So now I can start actually building the engine, for the 3rd time now :) 


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