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Scorpion 1:35 AFV

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Good day everyone!

Well I forgot about the start of this GB and am coming in a few days late, so am playing a bit of catchup! I am going to be joining in with this beauty


I got this many, many moons ago, mainly because it was cheap and I used to see the real thing almost every day and that kindled a bit of interest. So where did I see these? Well my daughter did gymnastics and outside of the gym in @skwonks home town of Helston there were several of these lined up in varying stages of decay. A bit of an odd mix but next door was a large shop belonging to Helston Gunsmiths and I think the owner liked his tanks because out the front were several large retired modern British tanks, might have been chieftans? Not too sure. My tank knowledge is basically vehicle with tracks and a gun! I dont know if Skwonk can confirm if they are still there or not? Any way inside the box isnt a huge part count but what there is looks nice


Comes with a small bit of etch and a small aluminium turned gun barrel, also comes with some rubber tracks, they look ok so will stick with those. I also opted for the Eduard etch set.


That should add a nice bit of extra detail. So off to the kitchen for a big scrub!


All now ready, thinking the build should be quite quick, then to look at the painting and bish bash bosh, finished by the end of the week! ...... or maybe not!😆

So until next time I will catch you all later!



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Hi all, great to have you all tagging along! So just a quick bit of work this morning, mainly getting the suspension arms fitted and correctly aligned. 


Looks a little untidy but wont take much to clean up, and that is the underside so dont expect too much! There is also a note in the instructions to say make sure that all the arms touch the ground, I suppose to prevent wobbly looking wheels! So that is done and I'll just let that all set hard before I carry on.


Like I said only a quick update but we are up and running, need to get out and clean up the garden a bit but its 35 at the moment and rising! So I wont be out there too long!



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Greetings all again,

Hope you are all doing well! I have had a bit more time on this and have just been generally sticking bits on all over the place. First off though I put a little bit of paint down on some vents so that I could cover them with the photo etch mesh.


I opted for the same green as i used on my 25 pdr and tractor unit, I think i will opt for this green as i dont have any other and I will probably fade and weather the heck out of this so exact colours arent really that important, I then continued with the assembly of boxes and the like. Now there arent many references of Scorpions in the Falklands so the exact equipment fit is hard to determine. I'm not going to get too bogged down with semantics and if I cant determine any fit, I will go with what looks good..... unless of course someone went to the Falklands and happens to have a complete walkaround of one then I will revise that!

Also started the turret:


and then I looked at the etch and there is ALOT of small bits and pieces to go on. Some bits are fine and bend well but there are lots of handles which need a double opposite fold and can I get these right? Oh lordy how fiddly is this going to be?!


I've made an effort here and you can see the handles in the top left corner of the fret, sometimes I wish I didnt bother with etch, but I bought this fret years ago when my eyesight was a whole lot better lol

I've also done the wheels so they just need paint but I wont fit those until near the end when the tracks go on. Oh well back to the eye straining etch!

Catch you all later!



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