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Here's one I served on earlier..

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Boot topping on; port and stbd, Revell 06 Tar. A few jagged edges but it'll be weathered accordingly so it won't matter.



Deck done with a few touch ups and pick outs with Humbrol 127 Top Coat Grey in the offing. Revell 43 gives probably the best representation of the real colour of a Pusser's War Canoe with a faded look and a good base for weathering. I tested a few greys (you can see the test areas where the superstructure parts will go) I have including NARN 54 all of which didn't come anywhere near


I was thinking about the more modern 'back end' as in one of the earlier images but decided the image below will save time and work. Notice the edges of the transom flap.


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10 hours ago, skwonk said:

It has the potential for a huge great thread drift.

Not from me it won't, don't drift anymore since we got serious modellers ( or maybe it was just the one) on the site who called in the Drift Police,  the subsequent admonishment from the drift police not to drift and upset the serious modeller(s) made me see the error of my ways, causing me to abandon the ways of the drift, the pursuit of the laugh and the banter for a path of pure, serious, humorless modelling. Now, where did I put my colour charts?

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On 08/08/2022 at 14:39, DC3 said:

Enjoying this. What was it like onboard the Truman, what was different & what was the same, which bits were better & which the same etc. etc.

Their 'Colonel Gaddafis' were bigger.

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The tedium of masking in this scale. Some of the smaller stuff will be picked out with Top Coat Grey.


Starting a bit of picking out. I've painted the bollards grey so I can see them. Only the tops and bases are grey, the rest are an oily brown steel as a protection against rust.



'Oh No!' Often the cry when England are in a penalty shootout. I forgot to hollow out the space and put some plasticard then the PE part on top for the harpoon grid hence it sits proud now. It needs weathering still, probably with an oil wash. I'll put a helicopter shape over it to hide it.


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