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Kinetic 1/48 Harrier GR.3 LGB Attack

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Hi Gang,

Here's my entry, Kinetic's 1/48 Harrier GR.3. I've had a couple in my stash for ages, and initial impressions since I started the build are that it is a very impressive kit. It appears that some of the problems with the earlier FRS.1 have been addressed (especially the fit of the cockpit bucket to the rear bulkhead) but some of the 'quirks' remain. The weird triangles of raised plastic on the gluing surfaces of the wingtips that prevent proper fit are a prime example!  

I'm going to buld it in flight during the execution of the RAF's first LGB precision strike. This was carried out by Wing Commander Peter Squires in XZ997 on 13th June 1982, against Argentinian positions on the Falklands. We're used to seeing these kinds of weapons dropped in a straight and level run, but in 1982 they were 'tossed' in to the target area. Squire's target was designated by personnel on the ground. The aircraft ran in to a planned release point at low level and high speed, before pulling up sharply and releasing the bomb. The bomb 'lofted' to about 3000 feet before descending steeply and picking up the reflected laser light of the designator. As long as it entered the wide end of the 'basket' of the designation it could then steer to the target. (I'm more than happy to be corrected if I've got any of this wrong!) On this first attack Squire's first bomb failed to guide and fell short, but the second was a direct hit.  

Apart from the Eduard bombs I have some add on scoops and a pitot to sharpen up some of the detail. 

First up, here are the weapons in question - Eduard's Paveway II set. These are really nicley done, and include alternate seeker heads with the protective covers fitted - a nice touch. 👍



The kit seat is quite nicely represented. Certainly good enough for a closed cockpit with a pilot sitting on it.



Again, the cockpit is also nicely done, certainly good enough for this model. I've dressed it up with some instrument decals and a representation of the moving map display, before a quick wash and some dry brushing.



Thanks for looking in, more soon,


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Thanks for the replies everyone. I've done some work around the intake and engine compressor face area. I found an image of an engine and used an online tool to apply some motion blur. Printed on sticky photo paper it was pressed on to the kit part after the intakes were sprayed the relevant colours.



Here it is installed, 



Poor Peter Squires has suffered gravely under my scalpel. (This may become Jerry Pook, it depends on my final presentation of the model. I found a great quote from Pook which might work well on the base.) This is a PJ Productions figure, which had to have major surgery to the right arm to make it meet the joystick, and the amputation of his lower legs and feet.



Thanks for looking in,


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A small update. I've been doing a lot of work on the landing gear. Kinetic haven't provided any option for the gear to be retracted, so it's a proper 'cut and shut' job. First is to modify the outriggers by chopping them to bits, trimming a load away with a scalpel and gluing and filling. Lots of tidying up to be done.

(Apologies for the abundance of Douglas's hair in these shots, it's so fine it's invisible to the naked eye. The backdrop will have to go in the washing machine. :) )






I've got ahead of myself with the construction of the airframe and forgot to take photos, so stand by for a leap forward next time. :)


Thanks for looking in,


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Cheers Col. 👍

This pic shows the Quickboost intake interiors. They run right back to the compressor face, rather than stopping far too short like the kit parts. The result is that they give a nice representation of how the real intakes have a gap that the auxiliary intakes let air in to at low airspeed. 



Here's the current state of the 'cut and shut' for the gear doors. I did some very rough blanking of the bays with plastic card to prevent the doors from being lost inside during fitting (in your face Sod's Law!). The worst fit is the airbrake, which is about 3mm too wide to fit the aperture. However, if it's simply laid on the outside of the fuselage it fits in the right position, and will only need a light sand to blend in. The area between the main gear and the airbrake will need a lot more attention though. (Currently slathered in drying Revell Plasto.) I used the hinge arms of the nose gear rear door as supports for gluing, and will sand back later.



The airframe mostly complete. The main canopy needs a little 'modelling experience' to get to fit closed, but I've dealt with worse.


I used some brass tube and a Little Lens lens to add some depth to the recon camera. It really catches the light nicely from some angles, so a nice embellishment.



Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for looking in again,


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