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IAI Dagger - PM Model - 1/72

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  • 3 weeks later...

The Daggers elevons droop slightly when the aircraft isn't powered up, so I started some surgery and removed them from one side. Strangely the moulded raised lines are in the correct place on one wing, and completely wrong on the other:




You can also see the slit I cut into the leading edge of the wing. I'm not sure if it's a gap between the slats, or some sort of dogtooth, but it's there in the photos of the real thing.

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The bottom left piece of plastic is the kit engine. I added the black plastic etc in an attempt to give it some depth when looking into it.

Then I decided it just didn't look like an engine at all, and started from scratch, building the white bit on the right.




For the sticky out bit I wanted to create the look of the individual petal thingies, so I wrapped some 0.5mm plasticard around an allen key. This sort of worked, except the allen keys diameter was too small, meaning I couldn't wrap it around without overlapping and thus lessening the denting effect.



Then I tried wrapping it around this jar lid, and pressing it into the grooves with my thumbnail:



That worked pretty well, so I trimmed the engine structure down a bit and glued the plasticard into place:



With some paint that will hopefully be effective.

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  • 1 month later...

With the group build ending in -2 days I thought I may as well post a few photos of where I'm at.

My health has been exceptionally poor for the last while, so the Dagger has spent quite a bit of time on the shelf.

I did manage to create and attach the nose:




The nose gear was modified, lengthened to fit the new gear bay, and attached.



The holes for the main landing gear are too far forward, and there's a major part missing. So new holes were made, the gear attached, and missing parts made from red sprue.



It's a bit of a mess, but I'm sure it'll scrub up eventually!


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