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Grumman S-2E, Escuadrilla Aeronaval Antisubmarina .

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Here's the story:

The unit was formed as part of Escuadra Aeronaval N° 3 on 31.5.1962 with six Grumman S-2A Tracker at BAN Punta Indio. In 4.1963 the squadron moved to BAN Com Espora and became part of Escuadra Aeronaval N° 2. In 1978 the unit received six additional Grumman S-2E Tracker.

During the Falklands War this unit used five of the six aircraft Grumman S-2E Tracker assigned, participating from the start of operations with three aircraft aboard the aircraft carrier ARA “25 de Mayo".

On April 3 two S-2E Tracker (2-AS-22,2-AS-25) landed on the runway at Port Stanley to form a Destacamento, thus becoming the first organizational unit to operate from Estación Aeronaval Malvinas. From then the unit did some exploration and anti-submarine operations until April 13, when it folded to embark again on the aircraft carrier as part of Fuerzas de Tareas Aeronavales. It is from here on that they started to make numerous flights in search of the enemy force and protect the fleet.

On May 1 the squadrons aircraft made direct contact with enemy ships and the A-4Q on board of the aircraft carrier were preparing to attack. Unfortunately, the prevailing weather conditions would make it impossible to attack these forces, which were 100 nautical miles northwest of Port Stanley. The flights continued on subsequent days, but lost contact with the enemy. On 5 May, aircraft were flying search and rescue operations to locate the ARA “Alferez Sobral" and during the same flight 2-AS-23 attacked an unidentified submarine with a MK-44 torpedo.

Some days later the squadron moved with its equipment and personnel to EAN Río Gallegos, where it reactivated the old airfield and began with flight operations. Taking off at night and in adverse weather conditions the unit conducted over 100 such missions, ensuring the defense of the coast and providing information of great value to the Argentine forces. On May 22 the unit incorporated two EMB-111 "Patrulha" on loan from Brazil which extend the scope of the Tracker and allowed exploration to the east of the islands. The unit returned to its homebase at BAN Com. Espora on June 24. The EMB-111 were returned to Brazil on 14.7.1982.

Most of the aircraft were converted to Grumman S-2T Turbo Tracker from 1993 on.

Sadly 0705 /2-AS-26 was not one of them. This will be the subject of my model.

This Tracker was one which operated off the carrier. It had been delivered to the USN in 1970 and was sold to Argentina in 1977.

On 26 November 1990 , it crashed at its home base, BAN Comandante Espora, killing the three crew members,Frigate Lieutenant Javier Diamante and José Gahn and Corporal Gustavo Marquez.

Here she is on the carrier


I will be using this kit


and the Hawkeye conversion kit to make it an S-2E


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Well...where do I start. There are so many things that need doing on this vintage seventies kit.  (MEMO to Kinetic..scale down your 1/48th one)

Start with the major work on the fuselage I hear you say. OK.

All of the lumps and bumps were cut off or sanded off. The end of the MAD boom was also removed.

Dynotape placed where I need to cut.


Remembering that I cut to the rear of the tape


A quick test fit before doing the other side


and sorted.

Actually, it's not because on the real aircraft it was 14" longer at the front and 4" immediately behind the wing.

Guess what..I'm ignoring 1.4mm there and am certainly not thinning down the front extension by that amount either.


Those rear cockpit bulkheads were guaranteed to get knocked off and as they are totally devoid of detail were to be replaced anyway.

The test fit shows that my plan to open the side door is now binned as it would take an endless amount of work to disguise the flange where the insert fits.

I may still open the bomb bay though but that too is a major job and perhaps not worth the effort. We'll see.

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2 hours ago, RWG686 said:

I may still open the bomb bay though but that too is a major job and perhaps not worth the effort. We'll see.

You do of course realise none of us will be at all surprised when you open up and fully furnish the bomb bay?

Nice work so far Richard.

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3 hours ago, Grunhertz said:

another rwg scratch mì-mhodhail

Sorted your typo.

No way can I ever do a masterclass but if I can encourage folk to try converting rather than straight oob then that's fine

I just hope that @Che Guava and @Jessie_C don't see that I've been cutting things up or they'll be nagging me about the Canadair Argus

Breaking news.

Yes I will be opening the torpedo bay and will probably have the wings folded too.


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40 minutes ago, RWG686 said:

Breaking news.

Yes I will be opening the torpedo bay and will probably have the wings folded too.


Excellent news :D 

An already interesting project has now become even more interesting. Are you planning to scratch-build the folding mechanisms or using the Wolfpack Designs set?

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41 minutes ago, Col. said:

Are you planning to scratch-build the folding mechanisms or using the Wolfpack Designs set?

Does the fact that I've just changed my car and also bought an Airfix Buccaneer answer that ? :biggrin:

Where's the fun in arsing up a ready made part when you can make a total bollocks with bits of plastic.

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More cutting


I've also enlarged the window on both sides.

A rudimentary torpedo bay was bodged, the more detailed radome added ,extension added and the whole lot stuck together.

Did I mention that it needs a wee dod o' filler ?


Tomorrow that will all be cleaned up and primed. Then the cockpit. 😱


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Just a wee bit more cleaning up here but ,apart from the windows,  that can wait until the nose is on.


SQw7qKVK_o.jpg                XR72OAFq_o.jpg


Hasegawa really pushed the boat out with the cockpit detail...3 parts...and as usual Revell didn't change anything. A real seat and cockpit drawings at top


I'm not going to go daft here as the transparencies are quite thick.

These are the new seats (arms still to be added) sat in. Centre console extended as well.



The landing light and a couple of other holes drilled out on nose.

Finally for tonight..more surgery


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I pressed on with the fuselage.

Detailing the cockpit can be done later.

I tried this filler a few weeks ago on plastic/metal and it worked. I'm hoping it does the same for plastic/resin


I stuck the wings together and added the pod for the searchlight.

One annoying bit is that the underside join is where there is no join on the real machine. As it will be seen with the wings folded, I've created more work for myself.

Note also the different angles. That is correct for the way the wings fold

The Hawkeye conversion was ok for its time but misses out quite a lot. It gives the extra air scoops but totally misses the fact the the ones above the engines are much bigger on the 'E'



What you are about to see is a scrapped Tracer conversion from 40 years ago, not a balls up of the current kit.

Another difference between the 'A' and 'E' is where the nacelle joins the trailing edge of the wing. It is quite small but obvious, but the 'A' has a step down whilst the 'E' doesn't as the nacelle end is slightly taller.

It is quite difficult to see 


That's it for tonight.

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Thankfully the filler did work but it is a right sod to sand down. Rock solid it is.

Here's the fuselage and the wings with the new rounded tips


Started on the engine nacelles.

The undercarriage was popped into position but not glued. It would have required more surgery to get them in later. There is no detail whatsoever inside and as my model will never be displayed upsides down they are staying that way.

First shot shows them with the parrot's beak fairing at rear.


and after modification and the new sonobuoy dispenser added.


Next up will be the wing fold gubbins.

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Roughly cut inserts of scrap card were inserted into all 4 openings on the wings. A quick wipe over with filler and left to dry.


I assembled the engine nacelles and attached them to the wing centre section. The aforementioned step at the rear was covered in filler.


First stage of making the wing fold.  It is nigh impossible to copy exactly so I will make it look like it ( as viewed from the end of the street) and busy it up.



Looks terrible and will only get worse at moment but I have high hopes for it.


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