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19 minutes ago, Col. said:

It's a Spot the Difference competition :) 

well according to the airfix instructions that real one has been painted in all the wrong shades!...............also theres no seams and you can see through the canopy

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7 hours ago, PaulTRose said:

that real one has been painted in all the wrong shades!...............also theres no seams and you can see through the canopy

and can you believe it they've got it as an F2 when Airfix have XE395 , an FGA 6.

Must write to the museum at East Fortune where WF259 now resides.:D

All joking aside though, I wonder how much influence the Airfix kit had when NASU at HMS Fulmar rescued and repainted her ,as she never served with 804 NAS so never wore those markings.

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3 hours ago, mac1677 said:

I have no idea what is going on here

It was for an air display celebrating something..I forget the details as it was a couple of years ago I found the photos. Sadly never did find any colour ones.

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10 minutes ago, Paul Brown said:

Formaplane 1/72 (good luck finding one)

Mikro Mir 1/144 (current)

I don't know if Mel Bromley's S & M 1/72 resin kit ever saw the light of day.

Thank you Paul. That's next month's modelling budget focused already. So much for me buying less kits this year :1562769345_laugh(1):

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42 minutes ago, Paul Brown said:

Formaplane 1/72 (

This will probably cost more to post than the kit price :


I have heard that AIM/Transport Wings have the Formaplane moulds so perhaps it will reappear at some point.

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8 hours ago, RWG686 said:


Interesting read from https://naval-encyclopedia.com/naval-aviation/ww2/us/grumman-f4f-wildcat.php

Encounters of the Japanese A6M2-N “Rufe” an A6M-2 on floats, first encountered in the Aleutian islands made the USN reflecting on the concept of having a good flighter on floats, operating from isolated island bases as a defensive fighter when no airfield was available notably, or to be carried in complement to scout floatplanes aboard some units of the USN. The initial plan was however to have them used on forward island bases. BuNo 4038 was taken of production for modifications. The end model was known as the F4F-3S, “S” for “seaplane”. The unofficial nickname was first coined by the design team, and stuck, “Wildcatfish”.


If the floats were not very heavy, they caused a lot of drag and agility suffered as a result. Top speed also fell to 241 mph (388 km/h). But these tradeoffs were still considered OK to some to propose a limited production. The prototype indeed flown on 28 February 1943 and it compared badly to the Rufe, even so to the Zero. This demonstrated also its XF4F-3S needed a proper keel for lift-offs and large ventral fin was installed so that testing could be resumed. The wildcatfish nevertheless setup a national record for rapid take-off in just thirty-four seconds, but in closed water and no wind.

Officials were however frustrated as the lack of results for the whole program. By May 1943 the fighter was now obsolete with a cruising speed of just 385 kph, making it vulnerable to all Japanese fighters of the time. In June, the whole program was terminated, but it was not the end of the story however:

The sole seaplane was indeed transferred to Edo’s workshops to support several test programs, testing floats and other equipments. Eventually the Wildcatfish was scrapped in 1946, but proved like the Spitfire Floatplane developed by Folland that a good land based fighters does not necessarily translate into an equally good fighter seaplane. With a limited usefulness and airfields by the “Seabees” in the matter of days or even hours just made this project no longer relevant at that stage. The single prototype remained unused in combat and the fighter with floats concept was really only mastered by the Japanese and remained for the allies a dead end concept.

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3 hours ago, Gorby said:

I've never seen a Dakota on floats before. This give more info about the aircraft: https://www.aerialvisuals.ca/AirframeDossier.php?Serial=109731 

In the days when the world was black and white Airfix mag. did a conversion article for this a/c, not sure if it was the same issue but they also did one for the glider conversion too.

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