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I did this conversion from an Airfix Scout a very long time ago. I reckon it has been in the box of broken bits for over 35 years.

A quick wash down and work starts to restore it.

There are a few strakes to be removed as back then I didn't have the references .2 each side of fuselage below engine.


I'm not going to take the canopy off to detail the interior any further than I did but I have removed the pilots' seats which are a bit undernourished.

Here they are glued to some card which will be cut and shaped later.


The gearbox is a bit bare


Here it is with the start of detail on the casing.


The blob next to it is the remains of the Airfix engine.

It has since retired to the bin as even the carpet monster wouldn't eat it.

Here is the new engine.

Yes I know that at the moment it looks very like a bit of sprue from the Novo Javelin circa 1980 but trust me,it will become an engine.


Sin agad e airson a-nochd, oidhche mhath.

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50 minutes ago, Grunhertz said:

And new tool wasp announcement in 3, 2, ............

Mel Bromley was on the case before his untimely passing and Hannant's are still listing it as a future release, so it's possible somebody might have both the tooling and the rights to manufacture. 

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1 hour ago, Grunhertz said:

new tool wasp announcement in 3, 2, ...

The sacrifices I make for the cause :biggrin:

There's at least 2 Wasps and a Scout being talked about.

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Cut a bit of Novo Javelin sprue circa 1980 and throw some plastic bits at it and an engine is conceived


Slap a bit of paint on it


Ignore the close up..I really hate them....

Now I have the base for the engine. I need to find Boris the spider though to do all of the pipework

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I did a bit more on the engine. Exhausts were made from a bit of sprue, heated over a candle then drilled out. More detail goes on them later.

That's all the big plumbing stuff on the stb side..Miles of thinner stuff to do after the big stuff on the other side.



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@Gorby invited me down to do some plumbing. I doubt if Mrs Gorby would sanction  this.


Anyway,,work continues


From the bottom up:

Airfix tail rotor which is ok for the wooden bladed one.

This one from a Scout conversion yonks ago..not quite correct as there is no taper at root.

Airfix rotors.  Extremely fragile and hub is not accurate 


This mangled piece of plastic will be the new tail rotor once it is dry and shaped.



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I made a new horizontal stabiliser and added a couple of wee bits to the tail fin. I'll photograph that tomorrow if I remember.

Gave my eyes a rest tonight so ignored the engine.

Airfix don't give any rotorhead detail or actuating spider so I added a few pieces to make it look 'busy.

I've removed the small loops on top. They are of a type of nylon so didn't file down to the size I wanted, Plan B for representing oil pots


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