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Nationaal Militair Museum, Soest, Netherlands

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Photo dump from a day out while on holiday

Fokker lurking in the dark


Aviation hall proper starts with a Farman


Fokker D-VII




Big ol’ Dornier




and another angle as they’re pretty


Koolhoven FK-51 (new one on me)

52214325294_af99f532a2_b.jpg 52214325374_06da46bd5e_b.jpg

ooh, lots of things in one shot


Super Sabre is prettier in the flesh than I gave it credit for


RR Merlin and a couple of Derwents



52213042287_653371a455_b.jpg 52214067058_c5b56cd235_b.jpg

Start of the fighter chase along the ceiling


and how it continues


And from the front


The individual elements

52214530745_4579d0a044_b.jpg 52214051216_505ae62220_b.jpg 52213042317_271bc70873_b.jpg 52214066728_ac7921e9b9_b.jpg



and 16


Formation flight of a Sea Fury and Sea Hawk

52214067113_5dc9a1006c_b.jpg 52214066623_9f1e17fb80_b.jpg



They even had a couple of those whirring mechanical abomination contraptions







Other exhibits

Before and after target

52214325554_7ee353abab_b.jpg 52214325674_fe7bc34f5e_b.jpg

(light weathering)

an actual target


From outside

52214325599_f888bf0652_b.jpg 52214325034_605aed396e_b.jpg 52213042157_ff6444dc11_b.jpg 52214050711_fb206efc8d_b.jpg 52214530915_ddda559f52_b.jpg 52214067168_61e36d9411_b.jpg 52214051056_010927a06a_b.jpg 52214066943_23a18edcf8_b.jpg








Hawks and Nikes

52214325409_b3b19d0f52_b.jpg 52213042462_12a79274d5_b.jpg

and a slew of other exhibits, uniforms, arms and armour but if you want pictures of that then that’ll be a future visit



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34 minutes ago, Grunhertz said:

Wow looks great there may have to go 

Very much to recommend it. Bus from Amersfoort Centraal train is quick and cheap but I’d suggest borrowing a bike as there is still a lot of base infrastructure to see that is too far to reasonably cover on foot. 

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Posted (edited)
13 hours ago, Jens H. Brandal said:

Thanks for the pics.  The triple missile battery is HAWK, not Nike.  The large white missile is a Nike Hercules.

Thanks for the catch, I thought both were part of the Nike series

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Posted (edited)
14 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

Oh that looks cool :thumbsup:, and it just so happens I will be in Holland in a couple of months so I shall be visiting there :) 

Other museums to consider nearby - The Cavalry museum is a few km away just on the outskirts of Amerfoort itself and has a decent tank collection as well. Also the nearby former concentration camp is preserved

There is a decent model shop in town as well, from outside it seems small and dedicated to railways but it extends back and upstairs with a surprising amount of stock crammed in

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19 hours ago, Mad Steve said:

Cool, thanks😬 

That just 40ks from where my daughter now lives so Kuuuuuuwell :thumbsup:

If you have time there are also a number of bunkers, munition bunkers, command and hardened aircraft shelters around. For the HASs and Command it is easier to do as a walk in the nature park from the train station at Den Dolder (5 minutes direct from Amersfoort)

Munition park

52217940981_bd84179204_b.jpg 52217935961_fa9e913750_b.jpg 52217941036_b4d782a419_b.jpg

Den Dolder HASs

52216929562_647ac92c1f_b.jpg 52217951393_0598a7ac14_b.jpg 52218419035_979197048d_b.jpg 52217951503_55a74a78ab_b.jpg 52218208274_5f222e72a5_b.jpg 52218423750_23b74d386c_b.jpg

Command bunker

52218208144_914a68ea1e_b.jpg 52217951333_58a5f3d9e4_b.jpg


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What an excellent museum and your photos are superb,.... thanks for sharing them. I do like building Dutch model subjects and there is lots of inspiration there to build some more!

I visited the old Aviodome at Schipol back in the day and would like to take in the more recent Aviodrome too. ... maybe an idea for a summer road trip,... with a trip to Arnhem too?   

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On 16/07/2022 at 00:34, Tony said:

I visited the old Aviodome at Schipol back in the day and would like to take in the more recent Aviodrome too. ... maybe an idea for a summer road trip,... with a trip to Arnhem too?   

Maybe on another visit when it is a bit cooler

Arnhem is a good shout as well, another place I spent a lot of time working in and never had time to visit any of the museums

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  • 4 weeks later...

Great pics - looks like a good museum too. Pencilled in for when the Rosyth to Zeebrugge ferry gets its erse in gear (been promised reinstatement for 5 years now), that drive down the length of England's finest traffic jams becomes less inviting the older I get!

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On 22/07/2022 at 07:16, Lost Cosmonauts said:

Arnhem is a good shout as well

Yes, definitely recommended, the Airborne Museum near the bridge and, especially, the Hartenstein Museum.  But I must have a trip to Soerst sometime.

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