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Sprockets Di cast model restoration side show

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On 11/24/2022 at 5:33 PM, Huntsman’s Close said:


 that friends had but I didn’t ‘back in the day’.



That right there is a big reason why such items are so desirable, it's the same as wanting to own the car your best mate's Dad drove, though that doesn't always work, as Steve's Dad drove an Austin Agro, never did like the square steering wheel.  

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still making slight adjustment to the ejector seat and front bumpers pinging out. The paint

turned out ok, little lighter than expected, after a drop of white and thinner.  that mold flash

on the front wheel arch, can't understand how I missed it.


took it all apart again and added the tiniest spot of 3 in 1 to the springs and bearing surfaces and ping!

The secrets are A, rebuild the model inverted with it's freshly painted roof on a piece of soft

tissue kitchen roll and B, the action of tightening and loosening the base screw is vital to get

all the parts to the correct compression and all working freely.


I've got it just so, sadly it'll all have to come apart again to fit James in the driving seat when he arrives.

then I'll do the silver grill, bumpers and headlights.


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