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Penlee House Museum and Gallery in Penzance have a Walter Langley exhibition on until 01/10/22 and seeing as he's my favourite artist we went along. The small museum has artefacts from paleolithic times to modern day and worth a visit and the cakes in the cafe are superb as well. 

This is just a section of the full length painting which is absolutely stunning. The old dear bottom left looks so lifelike close up.


Some examples of his work. You may recognise this one from the lid on a brand of tinned pilchards,






Portrait of Walter Langley


Nelson's sword belt.


Tail section of a Luftwaffe bomb which fell on Penzance 02/10/40. Unfortunately Penzance still exists.


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I've always liked Langley's portrayal of the fisher folk.

Unfortunately none of the folk featured are likely to be any relatives of mine as they were north east Scottish and I think Lowestoft was the furthest south they got during the herring season.

14 minutes ago, skwonk said:

The old dear bottom left looks so lifelike close up.

Even on the print the painting looks like an old photo.

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15 hours ago, skwonk said:

Penlee House Museum and Gallery in Penzance

Many years ago I visited the modern art gallery in St. Ives. I didn't stop long.

Then I went to a T-shirt shop where there was significantly more artistic talent on display.

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A few views from the top of Godolphin Hill today.

Altostratus; rain on the way tonight.


Out to sea. Praa Sands is on the coast in the valley.


Looking towards Hayle (not worth a visit IMO) and Trencrom Hill. A place where a Hill Fort once was and the ramparts, stone gate posts and circular pits can still be seen. Also, a great wild apple tree for free apples providing you get there afore everybody else.


Tregonning Hill. This was the place where the China Clay industry first started. There's the well preserved rampart remains of a hill fort on top and in foggy conditions it's quite an eerie place where you can imagine the eyes of those from Bronze and Iron Age times are watching your every move. You can also make out the war memorial atop.


Towards Penzance, Mousehole (pronounced Mowzle) and Newlyn. St.Michael's Mount is just visible to the right as a hump in the sea.


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On 24/09/2022 at 19:50, skwonk said:

I wouldn't waste time and money on St. Ives


The only reason I went was to see the building the modern art gallery is in, as I'm interested in architecture. The building didn't disappoint but the contents did. 

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