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Mad Steve

Revell 1/72nd Challenger 1 MBT

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

I've always been a fan of Matchbox 76th scale AFV's, and when the Challenger MBT was released back in '88 I was first in the queue and I bought a couple. It was pretty basic, but it was a Modern British Tank and I loved it. 

Shoot forward about 10 years and wallah, walk into a shop and there is a Revell Challenger. Knowing the company's liking for reboxing the old matchbox stuff, I gleefully grabbed a couple and took them home. Well, the Matchbox Challenger it aren't :) In fact its way better than the Matchbox one. 


It's actually sad that this kit, along with its twin, has sat in my stash since 1999! 


I quite like the quality of the moulding, I'll be building this straight from the box without any AM stuff. I might try and redo the turret baskets, as they are solid cast items, but we'll see how it goes. Right, off to the spray booth for some undercoat :) 


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That does look very detailed for 1/72 – individual road wheels!

The only modern(ish) tank that I particularly like is the Scorpion. It's not just because, like myself, it's a product of Cov, I tend to prefer the smaller tanks/tankettes.

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Well its been a while (ok nearly a month) but I've been busy with other life stuff as well as some other modelling

2 things really have held me up, Building 2 cars that have an intense amount of Carbon fibre decals (2 hours to set 4 decals :( ) and trying to settle on what colour to use to paint the damn Challenger, oh, and have I told you how much I hate Revell boxes... :) 

As I've mentioned before, I used to build Armour exclusively and built quite a lot (well it was like 20 years :)) but I seem to be struggling with armour now to be honest. I just cant seem to get into 35th scale kits, that's why I thought lets try some 72nd scale ones and see whats what. I have a heap of 48th scale kits I want to get into as well, but I'm not going to start one, then start another... you get the picture. 

Ok then...

Bottom of the hull has been made up, and its quite detailed, quite nice really. The whole thing now has been painted Tamiya XF61 Dark Green, same colour as I painted the 35th scale one.


Undercarriage all prepped and primed as well...




The Idlers and Sprokets have already been painted dark green, and all the road wheels have been painted Rubber Black. Once they are dry I will mask them up and spray the road wheel center's Dark Green as well :) 

I'm only going to paint the outside wheels green, because you really wont be able to see that much of the wheels with the side skirts on, so sorry if you were expecting a 'modelling the verlinden way', computer says nooooooo :)  

Lastly, Tracks are also being primed with black before being drybrushed (yes drybrushed, remember that :)

Righto then, I have to go make up some teeny weeny wheel masks which will invariably involve a lot of rude words and possibly a bit of work :) 

Oh, and I've decided, once I get elected Galactic President, I shall solve World Peace, solve World Hunger and get Revell to change there flippen stupid boxes!!!!!! 

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