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Using TopNotch masks

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Hi all I put this together so that people can see how our masks work, so I've started with Eduards Mirage iiiCJ (not the easiest kit to build) and being painted as an Israeli "Shahak" (meaning  sky) paints used are gunze but every paint I've tried has worked. 

As usual the kit has been built up to the point where painting is ready, the light blue underside has been applied and the sand upper20220604_093359.thumb.jpg.667eae6a7d1e0de46a8118389c323ad7.jpg20220604_130203.thumb.jpg.f30ec042389f383051dfc2760800ae7e.jpg

Next up masks, now this is a three colour scheme so will require some masks applying and then paint, then further masks need applying. So to start, peel back the excess mask material Carefully making sure you leave the masks on the backing. 


then apply the masks in numerical order from the instructions some overlap may be required or they may just butt up 20220604_150042.thumb.jpg.ae772101f5ee1fc0e047357b16e7e10f.jpg

Then burnish the mask down with a cotton bud20220604_153254.thumb.jpg.79f08752ad62eae392f6f063a5a677db.jpg

then the brown was applied. When spraying, thin coats sprayed in from the edge to the centre rather than towards the edge, this stops the mask acting as a dam creating a ridge at the edge. 20220604_155910.thumb.jpg.da7487329a65bdfb4ffd636f7931772c.jpg

Once dry, you then apply the masks for the green section, these are designed to overlap the sand colour to prevent bleeding under I numbered these with a sharpie just so i knew which went where 20220604_162441.thumb.jpg.7c1a9f8677c29690fd8a88d4b55dd032.jpg

next green is sprayed


Et voilà its done 20220604_170935.thumb.jpg.73c0e82235bc53fadfbeaf92e964b8a4.jpg20220604_170927.thumb.jpg.06ef520fca195410b8f1d98925e0e8a1.jpg

If there are any ridges a small amount of micromesh (fine) can be used to take them down 


Masks can be bought at 



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3 minutes ago, Thatsmyboy said:

Well, we don't all have airbrushes. All my models are brush painted. 

I make assumption these masks are equally suitable for brush painting? 

A interesting product however. Are these masks reusable at all? 

I notice Darren isn't following this thread and at the moment he's busy with family, work and TopNotch so it may help to summon him @Grunhertz, although it may take him a while to reply. 

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