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We have announced before about political posts and respectfully requested that everyone desists from putting up overtly political posts or entering into political discussions on the board. That is still the position that we hold. We would remind everyone that ASM is neither a democratic institution, nor a platform for freedom of speech. We have a few simple rules of the road to try and make sure that people treat each other with the respect that they deserve whilst at the same time attempting to administer the rules of the road with the lightest possible touch. We wouldn't pretend that we get everything right, but we do our best. This forum is, as its name suggests, a modelling forum. If you wish to discuss politics, or any other topic, find a suitable place to do so, but not here. Just so that everybody is quite clear, anything that goes up on the board that appears to be political/inciting political discussion will be removed without warning and we will give the OP a reminder, please, do not do this. If you have any query about why something has been removed, please refer it to an admin off the board. If you feel aggrieved about something that doesn't appear to follow the rules of the road, likewise, please refer it to an admin off the board or use the report facility. In the same vein I'm not inviting discussion on this thread, so for that reason it is locked.

We would also like to remind the membership that the forum is run for modellers, by modellers and in our spare time when we could be doing other things - like actually building a model. It's supposed to be for fun, not dealing with stuff that has little or nothing to do with the hobby.

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