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Just something smaller to get back into some modelling. The kit looks nice and it's got a ton of detail. I hope the instructions are not the usual Dragon mess of confusion. No figures included, but that doesn't matter.




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Dragon armour kits are good when you just feel the need to glue a million parts on without worrying too much about detailed painting or cockpits etc. Work continued on the base which was fine.


The turning my attention to the gun itself. A nice, two piece turned metal barrel is included in the kit.


There's also a few other metal parts included that fit really well. The gun mount itself goes together well, just watch the alignment of everything and you'll be fine.


More detail parts to glue on, but that's enough for tonight. Working with all the small parts tires your eyes out after a while.


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More work on the mount. With it together like this you can still get the gun in it's slots.


It's easier to leave the gun out while working on the counter balances. These are designed to move, so you can elevate the gun and have them move in and out. It's nice to have some turned parts here as well.


Gun and counter balances fitted and all works well. 


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Construction is complete. It really goes together well, you just have to read the instructions carefully as there are a heap of alternate parts, mostly for fitting the front shield. I'm going with the boxtop colours so I have left the gun separate from the base so painting is easier. This also gives me some motivations to unpack my airbrush. Along with the extras for different configurations, you also get some ammunition and crates which are nice and going into the spares box.


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Just now, dixieflyer said:

@BradG, you going to crew this gun? 

I dunno, I don't actually have any crew figures but I have been practising my figure painting, I'll post up an example soon.

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Paint on. I realised when I took this picture I left off the ammunition cradle at the back of the breach, that has been added now I just need to paint it. It also looks a little purple in the pic, but I think that's just the light as it's panzer grey.


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