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I swear, all I did was open the box and have a look,



The usual top quality BanDai kit. Super crisp mouldings, snap-fix and in the one colour grey.

Next thing, the head has miraculously built itself (while I watch a film)




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We all know Star Wars vehicles were the ultimate kitbash builds. But it is fun what you can identify parts.

So far I've found a Pegasus engine from a Harrier, and a tank hull.



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Nice one jase, if it builds like the ATST it'll be a peach, a word of warning Don't let spirit based thinners near the weathering the Bandai plastic goes very brittle 

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A few layers of greys to build up the tones (hope they work) phone/flash has drowned the tones a bit.

(Think) it was Vallejo US Grey, then, Dark Ghost Grey, with an attempt at marbling with USAF Light grey.

This evening ws patches of Tamiya xf54 Dark Sea Grey.

Needs lightening a bit more, so i think I'll mix in some white, then thin it and ghost layers on, slowly building up the lighter tones.


Onwards Buttercup!

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