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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Finally finished. All paints either XF or LP Tamiya. Main colour is Light Sand made a little browner. Colour just seems to light and bright to me. 

Brown and Black washes, and some dry brushing as well. 

Actually a very nicely designed and detailed kit. The turret is jam packed with detail.

Just a I dont have access to 48th scale crews and 'put on tanky stuff', but I am actually on course to fixing that. 

Now them, cant wait for the Challenger later this year 

Thanks for looking and your comments 





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What I know about Abrams could be written on the back of a stamp with a fat crayon but that looks like another cracking model to me. So good in fact I'm now looking for affordable copies of the Humvees to have a go myself (inspired by but not copying, see?)


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I meant to ask , maybe one of our mates in the New Colonies could answer.

Can the driver get out of the tank with the turret facing forward? If you look on the kit, it seems a tight fit if the drivers hatch were open, but i mean in an emergency bailout you dont really have time to faff around do you. 

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1 hour ago, Mad Steve said:

Can the driver get out of the tank with the turret facing forward?

Yes mate they can, there is plenty of room. Its the same on the Challenger.



Oh, and great M1 BTW Steve, you just need an M2 to go with it 😊

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