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Mercedes-Benz SSKL 1/32 Scale by Matchbox

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This could have gone on the "what did you just get?" page, But I want to share a few thoughts on it. Bought on E bay, arrived this morning, it's a clean, un-started and complete example, so tick in the box of a good purchase.

Chance to share my thoughts out loud on this kit.


what jumps out from the great artwork on the box top are these features of the real car, the weight saving holes in the chassis. Such a prominent part of the car's appearance I had to take a look at the kit part to see how this is reproduced in 1/32 scale.


well they are marked up as depressions that can be drilled out, with scratch building the box section the other side out of styrene sheet. I could reproduce the look of the car here.


the front chassis legs are holed too.


the depressions molded in a similar fashion, it's providing the means to add the u channel look by adding to it with Styrene.


the inside edge that will need to be built up.


the front cross beam however will need to be rebuilt, the kit one is the wrong shape entirely when compared to the box art.


I'm not asking too much from a 1/32 scale kit of this class, just thinking on how to improve it.

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I was thinking of doing a car under maintenance, up on axle stands, no bonnet, no wheels.


I could scratch build axle stands using my Halfords as a model, including the weathering and labels.


But the disc brake backing plates are a bit bare in detail, and the spoked wire wheels are not that bad.


the engine block looks ok, but it's lacking in details, so maybe this isn't the car kit for the up on axle stands diorama?


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1 hour ago, Gorby said:

Lovely looking car. Not seen this kit before.

luvly init, I spent rather a long time gazing at the box top artwork, When Mrs Sprocket re-entered the living room she made a comment about it when I was still staring at it, It may have been the sighs.

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TBH Sprockers and to save a lot of extra work,I think I'd use the following to represent the lightning holes

in the main chassis.

Paint it white(your choice,matt,gloss or satin)give it a coat of Kleer and let it dry.

Use an acrylic very dark grey well thinned and "wash"the "holes" until you've built up the depth of

darkness you want.

That way you only have to represent the channelling on the front chassis legs ergo.

Just my 2/- worth.

I like the workshop idea.

Engine and body pitchers:



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