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Tameo Kits' 1/43 McLaren Mp4/8 Senna at Donington

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Hi Gang,

I forgot to post some shots of a model I completed a while ago. This is Tameo Kits' 1/43 McLaren Mp4/8, showing Ayrton Senna on the slow down lap after his victory at the epic (and I use the word advisedly) European Grand Prix at Castle Donington in 1993. I vividly remember watching this on a 14" portable in my bedroom. absolutely transfixed. I have had a vision for a model of Senna on a slow down lap with a Brazillian flag in my head for years, and went for it when I found the Tameo Kit. Unfortunately reproducing the flag proved beyond me. I'm very pelased with the rendition of a wet track though. 

Tameo kits are really lovely, but can be very tricky. The decals for this were particularly fun. I couldn't get them to settle down with Micro-Sol, Daco Strong, or Tamiya acrylic thinners. I eventually found that Mr. Colour Self Levelling Thinners would provoke a reaction. It literally melted the Marlboro stripes in to place! 

The figure is a white metal piece, allegedly designed for the Tameo model. I reckon I ground away at least half of it to get it in the cockpit, and I'm glad I wanted Senna sitting high in the seat in celebration as there'd only be a third of it left otherwise. :) 


Thanks for looking in,










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15 hours ago, Huntsman’s Close said:


What did you try for the flag?


Thanks everyone. I used various fabrics and tissue in diluted PVA glue. I couldn't get anything that looked convincing.

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As a small aside,I've been fitting up some workshop parts trolleys today for McLaren F1 today at work.

No mug shots though,rival teams may get an idea of the bits they're for,though I can tell you that they're for the

front wings of a certain ex-world champion's current car or so I'm told.

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I was going to say I envy you being there, but I was at home about 40 mins drive away and it was bloody horrible too. You'd have seen the first lap down Craner Curves from there though! 

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