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I've got a problem….. I'm at the end of the build and the start of the build report. I've got loads of photos showing...well...I'm not sure what some of them are supposed to show as it was so long ago I took them, I've since forgotten the point. I've not been in a writing mood and the build has been going so fast it's just a blur.



Which is why I'm going to have to cut down on the waffle.


It's been quite an enjoyable experience and the fit of the parts has generally been quite good – with some issues, such as fitting the upper and lower hull parts…


and both ends were a bit gappy.

P1060580.JPG     P1060581.JPG


Which got me to this point.



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Posted (edited)

Now that most of the hull is done, I needed to move onto the BIG bangy bit. I think it was Hutch who mentioned his distaste for moving parts on scale models. I feel the same. This kit has a gimmick. The gun is supposed to recoil by means of this:



It isn't easy fitting them as they flop about.



And if you tilt the gun forwards to fill gaps etc. two of the sodding things fall inside! Very rude words were uttered.



Sod that for a game of soldiers.

It's not as if I'm going to play with the gun is it?* I'm a mature adult. Chronologically speaking I am anyway.

* (I wouldn't have played with it much. :blushing:)

The springs got put to one side for a future project (a herd of tiny Zebadee's perhaps?) and I glued the leggy things in with about 4mm showing.


Which seems to be just about right.



If you still want the working recoil apparently you need to wrap masking tape around the end of the leggy things to stop them falling inside.

The hole in the front face of the gun needs to be opened up as the barrel won't fit though (not sure about the shorter barrel).



On most of the parts the mould seam has been less pronounced than on the Suyata Panther I've just completed. There are exceptions:



Another problem is that some of the parts are an absolute pig to get off the sprue without breaking them.


Look at the stupid place the lower attachment is on part number 6. That wasn't easy to clean up on a part that small.

I've had a look on t'internet but I can't find any decent reference pics. There's plenty of detail on the front:



and not much at the back.


I've no idea if that's correct. Mr Japanese obsessive hasn't mentioned anything about it so maybe it is okay.

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11 minutes ago, Long said:

Looks to be :)



Thanks for that. I didn't see that photo when I looked.

That's one of the early versions of this monster - only eight road wheels either side rather than the eleven on the one I'm doing.

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Good point, and I'm sure I read that they made improvements to each new one, so even ones in the same class were a little different.

I'll keep looking for an eleven wheel reference photo.

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Fitting the gun to the carriage would be so much easier if these bits were big enough.


It isn't the outer radius…...it's these two which cause the hassle.


Even when they are the right size, the shape is much too awkward to clamp, so it's glue and hope.

I've ended up loosing a photo so bear with me…

...the gun assembly fits in the big hole in the middle of the hull. The instruction are vague as to exactly where. This is the furthest most forward position…


...and this is the furthest back it goes. Obviously that's because of the recoil. Vintage film shows the whole carriage slides back at the BANG!


Okay I understand that, but surely something must have dampened the recoil and returned the carriage to the forward position. The kit just has a big empty space – with moulded lettering at the bottom.


I'll be coming back to that bit later.

I didn't realise the lettering would be visible and it was a bugger to remove at this stage.

The alert amongst you (probably not many then) may have noticed a few additions on the last photo. The handrails were quite easy to fit. I started at one end and gradually worked my way to the other. No problem, other than removing them from the sprue and cleaning up the attachment points and the mould seam.



Other than the rubber-bands either side and colouring it in, the tanky whatsit is done.

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6 minutes ago, Long said:

I'm sure I read that they made improvements to each new one, so even ones in the same class were a little different.

From what I've seen almost every one is different in some detail or other. I'm building 'Thor' and I've seen photos of it with the long barrel and the short barrel and both all over grey and camo. That's why I'm not going to too fussed at the accuracy because I'm not convinced that anyone knows for certain. And I'm going a bit off piste with the camo anyway. :whistle:

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I've got the old Hasegawa version, so I've been doing a little reading in advance for that.

I found this cutaway drawing which might be useful:



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Thanks for the comments and stuff.

Now, I need to move onto the railway thingies, which starts off with these bits (with two more not shown). One side is littered with those sodding little ejector pin marks which have blighted plastic kit modelling since the age of the dinosaurs (well, since the age of Tamiya's dinosaurs) and one side blemish free. Which side do you think is going to be visible? Obviously it can't possibly be the crappy, zitty side can it. That would be very, very foolish. Even cruel.


Yes it bloody well is. :|

Maybe, just maybe the stuff that gets stuck on in the next step will hide the annoying pockmarked disfigurements. That would make perfect sense wouldn't it. :yes:


Nooooooooooooooo! If anything it's been designed to carefully avoid anything which would hide it. 

What the hell were you thinking HobbyDoss?!?!?!?!?! :rant:

That's 19 marks on four parts in some very awkward to access places. 76 in total! I think it's time to play some weird music...maybe not I don't need anything to make me feel even more suicidal. I'll listen to an amusing podcast instead and mutter obscenities under my breath all the way though it.


That was modelling at it's most fun (in the interest of clarity, that was a blatant lie).



The instructions would have you assemble the sides with the wheels and then stick the top on. I found it easier to attach one side to the top, then when dry fit the wheels and the other side bit.



I managed to write all that without saying bogie. My parents would have been so proud. :smile:



Before you ask, no I don't know why I took a photo of this stage rather when they were complete.


Perhaps it was to foster an air of mystery.

Not good at it am I?


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If I was writing this for informative reasons rather than the contractual obligation that goes with the group build, I would have taken some helpful photos of the rest of the railway thingie build. I either forgot, or couldn't be bothered. Never mind. At least the horror of ejector pin marks is now behind me.

The next step (after all the stuff I didn't document :blushing:) was to prime everything. Originally I thought that a black primer would be a good idea as I like to black base vehicles and it saves doing two stages rather than just one. The Mig One Shot primer I bought I'm having problems spraying. I've followed the instructions on the bottle and it keeps clogging the airbrush. I've even tried thinning it with water (as it's water based) and Tamiya thinners and it still clogs just as badly. As a result of that and the amount and complexity of the bits, it took nearly an hour and a half to prime this lot.



And then I noticed….Aaaaarrrgggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o



Admittedly, both side of this are visible but the outside edge is MORE visible. HobbyDoss are you listening????

44 more pockmarks in awkward places to sort out. :rant:

I ended up having to scrap them off, like I did with the bogie sides.



I don't know whether to file this under 'Top Tip' or 'Bloody Obvious'. I left off the top of the derrick as it needs to be painted inside. It would be next to impossible to paint properly when fully assembled. Gluing the top on wasn't easy and needed quite a lot of persuasion.



That just left some holes to fill and a bit more priming.



Will this joy never end. :|


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  • 2 weeks later...

I've had quite a few delays with this build. From the stage I reached in my last update, there was more than two weeks before I got any more work done on it. Just as I've chosen the most time consuming option for this group build that I possibly could, I've had to down tools for jobs around the house; a weekend away (and preparing for the weekend away) and a couple of times due to feeling under the weather. In the last couple of years I seem to be plagued with frequent, annoying minor illnesses, don't know why. I used to be very fit and healthy. Up until a couple of years until I retired (aged 42) I averaged one day absence from work due to illness each year. Bear in mind that takes into account a very nasty dose of flu one year, shows that for many years I didn't have any sick days at all.

Towards the end of the interviewed for the final company I worked for (NFU Mutual) they asked me if I played sport. I gave an emphatic “No”. They all looked disappointed and the head interrogator looked to his notes and made a deliberate cross. I still got the job and noticed that my colleagues who did play sport had significantly more time off due to illness than I did – mainly sport related injuries. One was off for several weeks due to breaking both wrists in a scrum. That was official story, he really broke them after he got pissed as a fart and ran full speed into a wall. Youth, alcohol and testosterone could power a rocket to the moon at the same time as lobotomising the crew.

The main reason I don't do any sporting activity is because I was born without something which is considered to be essential and now it seems to thought of as indispensable for life in the modern world.

I lack competitiveness.

Don't get me wrong, I push myself to do the best I can in the things which are important to me, but I reeeeeaaaallly don't care who wins at a board game (it's just a bloody game); I don't give a monkey's which team puts the little ball in the net the most (it's just a bloody game) and as for golf….if it's that important the tiny ball goes in the hole, just put it in and leave it there so that I can walk the dog in peace. Although the outfits they wear to bat the little ball, do give me a good laugh.

I think there was a reason I started telling you this….can't remember now. :| *

Aaaannnyyyway, when I finally got time to start again it was onto the colouring-in bit. The only scheme shown for this kit is all over boring. Just grey. I don't like boring so I went Googalising to find something better. Probably best that I tell you at this point that I'm intending to do 'Thor'. Almost every one of the seven tanky things built was unique. Each one differed in some way and some of them were altered at a later date. I've seen photos of Thor with both sized gun barrels and both camouflaged and all over boring. In grainy black and white it isn't easy to see what the camo or colours were, so I've just gone for whatever I fancy and the scheme I found probably is just a flight of fancy:


(I won't show any acknowledgement as the model is a die-cast.)

The shape of the tanky thing is too awkward to mask so I was absolutely determined to do it all with my airbrush freehand. Which I managed to do...and then I used a brush to do it all again as it looked awful. I also got a little carried away and my eyes must have been in for repair that day as my version bears little relation to what I was aiming for. This is it after I've toned it down a bit by spraying a bit more dark yellow.



I'm not happy about it, but I'm not changing it now. Rather than camouflaged it looks more hi-vis. I've reached the 'I'm feed-up with faffing with it' stage.

Oh yes, I have done the railway bits. I didn't want to show them as I went with all-over boring and I didn't want to administer a lethal dose of boring. Who would I bore next time?


* I remember now, I was making excuses wasn't I.

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Great build and great post @Gorby.

When I was a kid and a young adult I loved playing football(American) with my friends, after that I could care less. I don't waste time watching college or professional sports because it's just a business. I'd rather waste time reading/watching Boeing compete with Airbus, as the outcome will likely affect my life more. :) Like you, I'm competitive about things I care about, and often I find myself competing against myself.

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I share your views on sport etc., it makes me laugh how bad-tempered people can be when their football team loses - as if it was in any way important.  However, I may not share your view on that camouflage scheme - I like it!  And that's a good result from a very poorly manufactured kit - that many EP marks can't be necessary, can they?  I'm going to have a look at my HB Leopold to see if it's similarly afflicted...

So, nice one, @Gorby 👍

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Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my waffle and comment on the thing.

11 hours ago, Hutch6390 said:

that many EP marks can't be necessary, can they?  I'm going to have a look at my HB Leopold to see if it's similarly afflicted...

The EP marks have been a pain on this kit – mainly the railway things, although the previous kit I built, the Suyata Panther A was even worse for them. If you were to lift my big tanky thing and look underneath you'd see quite a few more, but if you were to pick up the big tanky thing I'd tell you off.

11 hours ago, Hutch6390 said:

it makes me laugh how bad-tempered people can be when their football team loses - as if it was in any way important.

One of the computer operators was called 'Slugie'. I'm not sure if the nickname was because of his appearance or his personality, because it could have been either. He supported Aston Villa. Not only supported them, he lived for Aston Villa and when they lost (as they often seemed to) he was miserable, irritable and completely uncommunicative for the following week. Admittedly when Villa won he wasn't exactly a ray of sunshine.

I forgot to say that not long after starting at the NFU Mutual I was talking to a thirty-somthing golfing fanatic, colleague and said that I thought that golf was a game for old men. He didn't speak to me again for a couple of years after that. Not long after he started talking to me again I hit him in the eye with and elastic band (in one of the computer rooms occasional 'rubber-bandit wars') and the silent treatment started again. What a big sissy. He'd got another eye so what was the big deal?

At that point in my life I hadn't read 'How to make friends and influence people'. Maybe some day I should. :ermm:

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