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Paul Brown

Arma Hobby Hawker Hurricane I, 1/72 (70019)

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Hawker Hurricane I


A bit late to the party (better late than never) this is the Arma Hobby Hurricane that has been somewhat eagerly awaited. A lot of people, me included, were hopeful that Airfix might release a metal wing version of their excellent Hurricane I kit, but would have been dismayed that the official line was that it was not in their plans for the future. Well you can forget about that, Arma Hobby have done the business and have provided a kit that is likely to be 'go to' in 1/72 scale. I won't make any further comment and let the images do the talking.












































OK, just one or two comments further to the imagery. The parts are very nicely moulded, apart from tiny traces of flash on some of the smaller parts. Panel lines are fine and well defined. Transparencies are crystal clear and glossy with options for open/closed hood. Options for props and spinners, plus the tropical filter. This is the Expert Set, so you get masks and PE - some of the latter is insanely small. The decals are beautifully printed, if a little thick, but colour density looks very good and colours are matched to different periods/air force. There are four options, three RAF, with two machines from 501 Squadron (hardly surprising there are some very good references for this unit), Josef Frantisek's 303 Squadron machine and one from 3 Squadron SAAF. If you can manage without the PE and masks then the 'Junior' release provides all the plastic, along with two RAF schemes. Also on release is the Mk I trop with RAF and RAAF options. Arma Hobby have written the book, chapter and verse in respect of the Mk I Hurricane in 1/72 scale. This and the other Arma Hobby kits are well worth adding to the stash.  

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40 minutes ago, Grunhertz said:

That looks mighty complex for a 1/72

Some of the PE is optional but some such as the PE part for the stirrup housing looks like it could have been moulded on.
Must admit I'd rather have to shave off plastic than add iddy bits of metal like the louvres (PE33) or the pip on the antenna mast lol

Only have one of the Expert set but 3 of the "Junior sets without the PE
With the announcement of the forthcoming Tropical Hurri with Aussie markings I reckon the number will increase

BTW the engineering around the tail is first rate which enabled the metal panel that wraps around the base of the fin and tailplanes to be recreated beautifully 


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