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1/48 Eduard A6M2 Type 21 Zero

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Been working on this kits since it came out last Dec. It was shelved till i found some aftermarket decals . I found some print scale decals on Ebay. My is in the markings of the BII-24 Darwin Raid Feb 19th 1942. Kit interior painted with Mr color paints. For the dials i used the Airscale dial decals . My usual cockpit weathering. Enggine [painted with Tamiya LP-33 silver and Tamiya black wash for detail . Now for the paint on the airframe. Models sanded with Tamiya 3000 grit sanding sponge . Tamiya LP-33 Gray Green INJ sprayed directly on the plastic. Cowling  sprayed with the mr color INJ cowling black.  I decided to mask on the blue stripw which was easy to do with Tamiya tape. I used a mix of mr color bright blue and Intermediate blue. Hinamarus was made using the shadow hobbies thinnerline circle cutter. Sprayed with mr color IJN Hinamarus red . Same color was also used with masking of the anti walk way are. Tonight i used the same circle cutter to mask off and spray the filler caps . Next to gloss coat for decals . 

51816274300_630c75d1d8_3k.jpgACB4985D-3D5D-4E55-9179-969E76A94161 by b007scott, on Flickr

51816274260_febcb7d8c7_3k.jpg40E8DEF5-64C5-4D06-AB43-C7F8E566AE03 by b007scott, on Flickr

51815662403_39e6828ded_h.jpg9ACB652B-2ED5-4051-A5AD-9479E2BA188F by b007scott, on Flickr

51815662378_bc09a55d73_h.jpgD74DE2BA-82B4-4847-8915-8821FC4DA074 by b007scott, on Flickr

51816274040_384a1ec2db_3k.jpg5A3BDD88-E739-4685-800C-88FC5180D139 by b007scott, on Flickr

51815662158_73945ffbbe_3k.jpg17D0FC9B-2615-4DDE-BE7C-A98E367CFA23 by b007scott, on Flickr

51815554786_7c19173828_3k.jpg4D2453C4-E6DD-483E-97EC-DBB110BED794 by b007scott, on Flickr

51814598327_e3e92a6be8_3k.jpg1E6BF799-9190-48C2-ADC2-FC9B385CA0BC by b007scott, on Flickr

51815553761_912b058791_3k.jpg8A4FB78E-6DF5-4140-9B83-F81DC8F29F9B by b007scott, on Flickr

51816272590_b5ba660455_3k.jpg97B5EAD3-B9DF-4A0B-A7D6-1B7EC251350D by b007scott, on Flickr

51947133694_d20cd8afe2_3k.jpg27A8C05E-C41C-4D46-A652-28278BA87326 by b007scott, on Flickr

51946893843_c74a6a1f85_3k.jpg9A68EAD4-65C2-42D9-A73A-1351B17B3C2B by b007scott, on Flickr

51945838812_f432ecda90_3k.jpg2CC9FEE6-B07E-461A-A7B0-E964B6D41E8E by b007scott, on Flickr

51947559217_39cb583b8d_3k.jpg6B281091-7651-4177-9985-ED107D259A22 by b007scott, on Flickr

51949147190_4d73dd4f15_3k.jpg3B8EEB0F-2095-42EB-BA6D-F75BD98D6DC0 by b007scott, on Flickr

51948539006_62c324e998_3k.jpgE1D7B010-180F-4B7D-B39F-53529B9AD75E by b007scott, on Flickr

51948539151_71287ac2a8_3k.jpgF5EE628E-FB48-4026-AB21-158A92D574B0 by b007scott, on Flickr

51948539091_fac8b087e5_3k.jpg314E62F1-2DF5-4086-B442-7D9482D2F25C by b007scott, on Flickr

51948613443_25d9a2d6ff_3k.jpg71D4C96B-2706-4555-9463-6F8FEF6B3804 by b007scott, on Flickr

51947908247_22bbfd5915_3k.jpg46CDE557-9AE8-4FA4-9CC1-B45B89144E71 by b007scott, on Flickr

51948888591_c02bae572f_3k.jpgB59BAC81-812A-4D79-9965-C621E8684658 by b007scott, on Flickr

51949201764_9f95347e83_3k.jpg84A46F4A-BEBF-4698-906C-95F5A010CD1B by b007scott, on Flickr

51950191102_30d9d16ddd_3k.jpgCB7B3ECF-2467-47AD-B353-24D238B43B34 by b007scott, on Flickr


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Not much on the Zero tonight . Finished painting  the prop. Instead of using the red stripes decals on the prop i decided to mask them off and spray them. I like the results much better then trying to use the decals  :)


51955575096_7c05b61f47_b.jpgEC80F840-F474-47D3-8E1D-5FEE094E20AE by b007scott, on Flickr


51956151310_ee129ecd72_3k.jpg481C0C90-1E3E-4034-8EBB-1D9AECE0A8E0 by b007scott, on Flickr


51955624518_7708689198_3k.jpg8EB48208-F057-48FD-A983-CFDCA2E55A4E by b007scott, on Flickr


51955562926_8ea742a1e6_3k.jpg2B71AB5B-58F9-43BC-8765-C633652C5DF0 by b007scott, on Flickr



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Got the decals on this morning . Sprayed the final gloss coat on just the decals then asdded wash . Markings are for the Darwin Battle Feb 19th 1942. Next to start finishing the rest oif the parts :)


51960856446_74d01e8e18_3k.jpgE569E6DA-BCF5-4D2C-90F2-F4C376DFB92D by b007scott, on Flickr


51960856506_e92b85a912_3k.jpg76310828-6AA6-463F-B676-4448D1000D12 by b007scott, on Flickr


51961150034_99bd300d87_3k.jpg646A23A3-95C3-4F6E-94E7-21348D7A1F5B by b007scott, on Flickr



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