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Cheating is the way to do it - basic block colour, ink wash and dry brushed highlights will take you a long way while you build up skill and confidence. Most acrylic paint ranges have a set of inks under various names (ink/wash/shade) and they're worth their weight in gold. Be warned though, once you get used to using them, they do tend to bleed into other areas of modelling - a tank for example is just a big Space Marine with tracks while you're painting it :D 


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Stumbled across this in Boyes[1] on Saturday afternoon and it's been helping me get through  a tough database lock at work the last couple of days.

Officially it's a Myphitic Blight-hauler of the Death Guard chapter of the Chaos Space Marines. I just think of him as Simon.


Big missile launcher. The missiles are embedded in flesh and fired by muscle spasm


Simon is a real fun guy - a big hunk of daemon flesh strapped into some armour, some tracks and a couple of heavy weapons bolted on and sent to rage at the world. GW would have you paint the fleshy bits all pale and interesting, but I wanted even the skin to look angry :D


Despite the big toothy grin, Simon has never done particularly well in bonny baby competitions. Poor Simon.


At some point I'll add some groundwork to that base and get him in the cabinet, but for now it was just good to start and finish something in a couple of days.


[1] Don't know if they're a national chain, but think Woolworths and you won't be far wrong. I actually went in for home brew supplies so I can start a new batch of mead.

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After a long absence GW are reintroducing an old race to the WH40K universe. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Dwarfs in Spehsssss.

This fella is Grimnyr, a living ancestor from the League of Votann. He could double as a figure from the fantasy range if it wasn't for the fitbit on his glove and the letrit gubbins on his back thingy. Oh, and the two drones that come with him, armed with heaavy bolters. The rocks on the base are part of the kit, and yes, the ones under his front foot really are just floating there unconnected to the ground. Odd but makes for a cool model. Everything you can see in the pictures except the grass came in the box. I might do the other drone at some point too, but since they're identical I wasn't fussed tonight.

Couple of quick and dirty pics for now. The best poses were out of focus so I'll try and get some better ones so I can stick him in the gallery. 





Phew. that's three models in a week. I'm going for a little lie down before I start on something biggerer.


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I'd been having heebie jeebies about tackling the headdress and face on our Yvraine but finally plucked up courage and set too. Calling her done now. There's always bits you could touch up or re do but I think I'm getting into diminishing returns. As ever, these are a few quick snaps while the camera had battery and I hadn't been drinking. Proper ones sometime down the road.

That cat was nearly the death of me too, until I stopped trying to paint him like the one on the box and painted him how I wanted him to look. Dead easy after that. Despie what you may have heard, her ladyship does NOT answer to Dougal ;) [1]


Jeezo, but the woman has a cob on about something and a look that could sour milk.


Does my bum look big in this?


Oh, yous are SO getting it


Frank, get the door [2].



[1] For those who have no idea what on earth that means, there was a kids TV show in the 1970s called The Magic Roundaout that was incredibly popular. This was a spin off film from that series: Dougal & The Blue Cat

[2] There's something about her face that reminds me of a certain Scots woman I knew so I wrote that entire post channeling Janey Godley doing Nicola Sturgeon. I'm really sorry :D 

Janey Godley - Goodbye Nicola

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