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Bristol M1c Blue Max

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So my build begins by excavating the parts from the terribly mangled box. Blue Max didn't believe in sturdy boxes. This kit is short-run and multi-media. There are white metal parts for the cockpit and engine, plastic for the airframe and wire for the 'cabane' struts and landing gear.

The metal parts, needing some TLC and cleanup:


The plastic parts, needing more TLC and more cleanup


The comprehensive instructions





And the decal sheet



This kit is not for the faint of heart. The instructions pretty much tell you to go buy the Datafile, so it's a good thing I had done that. Other references are also needed. The cockpit construction is pretty vague so it's a good thing that so many people have built the Special Hobby and Alley Cat kits and kindly put them on the internet for me to find; without seeing how they did it, I wouldn't have had much of a clue how it all goes together.


The first step of the build was to clean up and straighten all the metal cockpit parts and get an acrylic wood tone base coat on everything. Since that's pretty boring I didn't take any photos.


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Bloody hell! It's like the antithesis of a Tamiya Tomcat O.o At least there's only one wing to it.

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Watching oil paint dry is slightly more boring than watching enamels dry, but at least I've got the wood parts looking like wood :)

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