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Gimmie Shelter

Qantas Boeing 767-200 - The 'ROO' McCoy ! - 1/200 in ROO DECALS

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Here is my finished Boeing 767-200 in 1/200 made from the original Hasegawa American Airlines boxed variant.

For those that can remember them, the Hasegawa Civil 1/200 series went on and fell off the back end of the original Hasegawa Love Liner200 Series. If my memory serves me as well as I hope it does, Hasegawa were quick off the mark to model their original 767 kit when Boeing first released the same. I've got some of the ANA, JAL and Delta original kits but their decals are now pretty much throw-aways as these old 1/200 kits seem to have only ever been stored in damp garages or attic's by their original owners on the basis that the kit looked good at the time of original release but the owner never got around to building it due to being a civil and less interesting subject perhaps...?

So this model here really is the ROO McCoy, or should I say Real McCoy. Using some recently sourced very old Qantas Decals printed in the 90's by ROO-DECALS, lovingly silk screen printed in Australia. Shame Qantas retired their 767-200 Boeings as I think this simple livery looks good on a white tubed 767.

Here's Kanger and Roo for you....
























I hope you enjoy the finished article as much as I did so modelling it



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On ‎09‎/‎02‎/‎2019 at 02:36, Jessie_C said:

I may be wrong, but IIRC, Hasegawa permanently altered the moulds when they brought out the 767-300 kit. If you want a -200 length model, you have to get the KC-767 or E-767 kits.

you are correct


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