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Focke Wulf FW190-D15 Torpedo bomber

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IBG Models Focke Wulf FW 190D-15 Torpedo Bomber 1:72 scale , 


Part no. 7254020220305_124939.thumb.jpg.b5195d0a2deb2c34ea0582a9c83b3f1e.jpgHistory, 

I'll skip the potted history as the FW 190 is one of the best known fighters from WW2. Suffice to say that the D series turned into probably the best versions of the aircraft one the inline Jumo 213 engine was put into the aircraft, much to the initial horror of fighter pilots who couldn't believe that a bomber engine was being used to power a fighter, nevertheless the Dora's became probably the mest medium level german fighter of the war (performance really dropped off above 20,000ft) the D-15 was an attempt to marry the airframe with a Daimler-Benz DB603 engine, a far more refined and more powerful engine particularly at higher altitutes, However only 1 prototype is believed to have been finished (converted from a D9 airframe) before hostilities ceased.

The Kit, 

IBG are a relitively new company on the block hailing from Poland, but they have produced some really nice Polish subjects as well as some very nice armour subjects, they do however have to make money and as such they have to produce some of the less ecelectic subjects, Duncan @BlackMike Models  contacted me and asked me if I'd like to review this kit and well what could I say?

The kit comes in a rather large lid and tray box for a 1/72 single seater (its been a while since I've built a 1/72 single seater so bear with me) and has a very nice image on the box top set at a guess in some sort of alternative reality in 1945 or 6.

In the box there are 7 grey sprues and 1 clear sprue. a photo etch fret, 2 decal sheets and an A4 colour instruction booklet. 

Sprue A


On here are parts for the main spar (this will be important for the main construction), Cockpit parts and various small parts like seats, engine bearers (3 sets so be careful), spinners, drop tanks and other things. Basically these paerts are common across both the D9 and D15 boxings so it makes sense for this to be sprue A, Parts are very finely moulded and look to be flash and blemish free. The same theme for common parts goes across on to............


Sprue B 


On here are headrests, Cockpit tub, Ailerons and undercarriage parts, detail looks to be abosolutely sublime here particularly the undercarriage legs and doors and two different nose cowls with different Annular radiators depending on either a DB603 or Jumo 213 engine. these look to be very well moulded indeed. the approach of common parts like this means that IBG can produce probably the entire range of FW190 D and TA 152 aircraft and keep Sprues A and B the same. Eduard and other manufacturers do something similar meaning they can get the maximum amount of value from their tooling with out duplicating as many parts as possible. This means that the fuselage and wing parts dont have any of those awkward inserts that were all the rage a few years ago and with that in mind lets have a look at those other bits 


Sprue H 


Fuselage, this is unique to the D15 and to the best of my knowledge only the D15 as it was the Only D to have a DB 603 engine (the TA 152C series also sported this engine but that had a wooden wide chord fin common to the 152 and late series D9's. the detail on these parts are however as good as I've seen on 1/48 or 1/32 scale kits but it may be seen as a bit heavy in this scale for some but under some paint I think this will look just about right. the rivet detail is light recessed and refined as are the panel lines. also on this sprue is the supercharger intake which is absolutely massive (I hate to think how much boost this was running) 


Sprue J and L (wings)


Again very nice rivet and panel line detail on these parts whats more, the engineering for these parts is well thought through with the bottom section of the wing extending all the way back to the tail extension on the fuselage. reducing the amount of clean up of fusealge seams required. What I am not quite so sure about is the choice of engineering for the undercarriage bay (more on this later) blanked off holes are in place for the drop tanks or other fittings for those of us who don't like the table and chairs hanging off their models its nice to have the choice. 


Sprue Q (engine) 

There is a full DB603 engine (in 1/72 really? yes really) this gives me a bit of confusion as yes you can see part of the firewall and back of the engine through the undercarriage bay, but as the engine covers are moulded in as part of the and there is no detail under the top of the engine cover this may be a bit of an over complication ( you could of course cut the engine covers away but they would be far too thick to pose open on the piano hinges. What there is of the engine is well detailed and it does have to be installed as they hold the exhausts in place  whats more the engine is only held to the firewall by the engine bearers relying on 4 pins. that said the detail for the scale is fantastic. 


Sprues T, U and W


Just one part on T the top engine cover and there isn't really much to say apart from that. The detail matches the rest of the kit in that it is very well executed. Sprue U contains the torpedo very nicely moulded I can't vouch for its accuracy however as I've never seen one. sprue W contains fairings for the wing mounted drop tanks. 


Sprue Y 


Canopies (yes plural) both blown and standard canopies are included. IBG have taken a leaf out of Eduards book here and moulded different open and closed canopies, (if you dindnt know the 190's canopy has a hinge in the top to let it squeeze together as the canopy opens. This means that the open canopy is narrower than the closed. detaila and clarity however are very good indeed here. Also a very small gunsight. 


Photo etch


this is going to divide thaose who like and can work with etch and those who don't, yes the usual bits are on here, Torpedo fins, seat belts, fairings etc. Then we have something that if executed well  will look just beautiful and that is the inner wheel wells and ribs are in photo etch. Ok simple single bend work but this is either going to elevate the kit in peoples minds or make people go "NAH, not for me" what i will say though is the poto etch is brass and should work well. and whats more you cant really get things like antenna in scale thickness in plastic without them snapping.




Two nicely printed sheets on here one for national markings one for stencils and there's a hell of a lot of stencils on this kit. the decals are clear and in register and being Techmod you just know they're going to work and work well. there are markings for 3 versions in the kit which are:

FW190D-15 Wk.NR 601286 Pre-production prototype, Nellingen Germany


What If FW190D-15 Based at Breslau May 1946


What If FW190D-15 Torpedo Bomber,Sonderkommando Zepplin Norway Autumn 1945 


Of course the two what if's could be what ever you wanted and let your imagination fly but the two that IBG have called out particularly the last one are very nicely executed indeed. 

Instructions 20220305_125827.thumb.jpg.a3728ac5976927f49a4210eca0069316.jpg

Very nicely drawn A4 instructions in English and Polish, with Colour call outs from Vallejo, Hataka, Gunze, AK and Lifecolor, covering most bases, these instructions are probably better than instructions found on kits 2-3 times the price


Firstly, an RRP of £20.00 (you can get it cheaper) puts this kit in Tamiya territory (think their 109G6) so is it worth it? well that depends on what you want, if you want really nice surface detail, (some will think its over done) plenty of options, A nice decal sheet, and arent to bothered about Photo Etch and are prepared to take your time lining every thing up and dry fitting then this is a quality product. However if you want a shake and bake kit that falls together with the slightest look at the instructions then this may not be for you, thats not say it won't build well I'm just thinking that it won't be Tamiya easy, but if you've built a couple of eduard 1/72 kits you won't have a problem. My only reservation that i can see is the PE will put some off for the wheel bays but that said they look to have been designed with 90 degree bends in mind. 

My Verdict 

I have no hesitation in recommending this kit to any 1:72 WW2 fighter fans out there, it is the new Benchmark for the 190D series of kits and if this is what IBG are like then lets have a load more, I see there are now three versions of this kit out there, a 190D-9 early, Late and this I would expect a D-11 and 13 as well and heres hoping a TA152 too? 


Highly recommended, my thanks to Duncan at Blackmike models for the review sample and this kit can be bought at the web address below 









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So in effect this is a Luft 46 type thing?

Nice review Darren. It looks a fantastic kit. The IBG vehicle kits are certainly impressive - although occasionally there are issues with the instructions and the fit of some parts. 

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1 hour ago, Gorby said:

So in effect this is a Luft 46 type thing?

Nice review Darren. It looks a fantastic kit. The IBG vehicle kits are certainly impressive - although occasionally there are issues with the instructions and the fit of some parts. 

In effect Mark yeah it is unless you build the prototype, that said I don't think anyone would notice tbh 

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1 hour ago, Grunhertz said:

I don't think anyone would notice tbh 

I wouldn't have known if you hadn't said so thanks.

You mention that the price point puts it in Tamiya territory although with IBG kits you get so much more than with similar priced kits - the engine detail and the PE and I doubt if even Tamiya would provide two canopies. I know which one I'd choose and at the price Duncan is selling it I'm quite tempted.

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I bought both the initial releases, there's no doubt more to come looking at all the optional parts on the frames. I paid £21 apiece (posted) for my kits, not cheap, but easily the best 190D kit in 1/72. Whatever IBG have in the pipeline, bring it on!

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Are you sure it is a db 605? Because I bought this and did some research (just read the description on the manual) and find out that these planes were mounting Jumo 213. 
Anyway congrats for your review, I was looking for somebody to do it as I was interested in the kit, and you did it  perfectly. Thanks

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