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I shall be joining the Mike McEvoy group build with a build of the Airfix 1/48th Hawker Hunter.  My first idea for this group build was actually to do a Matchbox 1/72 Handley Page Victor under the project cancelled heading.  ?  Well let me explain.  This particular Matchbox Victor was purchased second hand by me about 20 years ago from Mike McEvoy at a Farnborough Modelfest so my argument would have been that this is a project cancelled by Mike McEvoy himself. Any way I am going to do this Hunter first then maybe if there is time....





Not sure which markings I will use but it will be one of these two:-



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OK. Confession time. 

The reason my Beriev Be12 build for the Maritime GB has been rather slow of late is because I was spending the time building the Hunter and making good progress.

So far it has all gone together very well with no trouble what so ever.


There is plenty of room in the nose cone and around the front undercarriage bay to put more than enough weight to avoid a tail sitter. 





Cartridge case ejector chutes drilled out. 







All primed and ready for some paint. The only seam that needed any real clean up was along the bottom of the fuselage. 



Top surfaces given a coat of Dark Sea Grey  (Mr Hobby H-331).  In the past I have not had good results masking metallic colours so I am going to do the top surface camo scheme first before masking that and then doing the undersides aluminium.


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More rapid progress over the last few days on the Hunter.

Dark Green sprayed on after lots of masking using Mr Hobby H330.


The undersides were sprayed Matt Aluminium from the Vallejo Metal Color range. Up until now I have always used Alclad but the Vallejo range are easy to spray and clean up so I think I will be using them in preference in future.

Tricky decaling on the undersides with the registration codes going right over the undercarriage. Thankfully as Airfix provide a one piece undercarriage door set I was able to use them to draw some templates to work out where to cut the decals.


The result was not quite perfect but only a few touch ups were needed with black paint.



And then onto all of those stencil decals which I worked may way through yesterday (although you are just going to have to take my word for it that they are actually all on the mode as most are way too small to see in anything but a close up).  I should get the weathering and finishing touches done this weekend.



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All finished now.  Well except for the Master pitot tube that I had purchased to use with this kit but completely forgot about until I found it at the bottom of the box yesterday. It is thinner than the kit supplied part but seeing as the plastic kit part has survived all the handling through the painting and decal stages I am going to leave it as it is and save it for another Hunter build in the future.


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