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Mad Steve

Zvedza Iskander M TEL with SS 26 Stone Missile

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Afternoon Chaps & Chapesses :) 

Well, I've actually managed to finish something :) 

This is Zvedza's 1/72 scale version of the Iskander M and its actually a very nice kit.

Finished overall in Tamiya XF 61 Dark Green with a little bit of weathering. Missiles are finished same colour but with a gloss clear.

Lovely jubbly kit, very nicely detailed chassis and cab area, but the rear missile section isn't very detailed, and there are no decals for the Missiles.

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy the pics :) 






Mad Steve

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That's a nice shiny weapon Mr. Mad. *

I had my fingers crossed for when you loaded the missiles - there doesn't seem to have been any mishaps, so crossing my fingers - didn't work after all. :evil:

Very nice model – Now back to the Roland!


* I was good, I didn't use the word erect once.**


** Except there.

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