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0620Z, Wednesday 10th September 1946, RAF Machrihanish, Scotland.

The silence of that cold crisp morning was shattered as one by one the engines of an Avro Lincoln roared into life.

At 0645, just as the sun was rising, it growled down the runway .  

The watchers held their breath as the machine seemed to be making no effort to get aloft.

Almost 8000 feet along a 9000 feet runway, daylight appeared under the wheels and the aircraft started a long climb towards the west.

At 0800 the heavily modified bomber was at 35000 feet  on a straight and level course.

All systems were in order and the count down began.

At 'zero' the bomb aimer pressed the button and the bomb dropped.

This though was a bomb like no other as it suddenly accelerated and zoom climbed away and soon all that could be seen was a white contrail.

Not long after that, the early morning golfers on Machrihanish's famous links heard a strange screeching sound and saw a small white aircraft heading in to land at the nearby airfield. Paying no more attention, they carried on with their game.

Little did they know that at the time they were witnessing history.

There was much activity and heavy security at the Gaydon hangar on the airfield .

The aircraft shut down and it's pilot, Lt Eric 'Winkle' Brown  RNVR was helped from the aircraft.

The scientists were keeping very quiet until they got inside the office and showed him the telemetry.

40000 feet. 858 MPH Mach 1.3.

The diminutive Scotsman had unofficially at that stage, become the first person to fly beyond the speed of sound.

The aircraft was the Miles M52.


Entirely feasible .

The weather in England was dreadful and forecast to be so for the next month.

The whole project was transferred from Boscombe Down to Machrihanish in a speedy and  mammoth undertaking.

Unfortunately downright nasty  political chicanery here and across the pond made the above a figment of my imagination.

The result of that is still being felt in the aviation industry.


I will be building the Gannet Models Miles M52 as it may have appeared that day.


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52 minutes ago, RWG686 said:

This is a new venture for me, a totally resin kit and a 3D printed one to boot.


Excellent timing - I’ve since split the fuselage a bit more but everything else will be the same

Good luck with the side snips - I snapped the nosewheel but a spot of superglue saw it right. Otherwise I’ve been using a sheet of sandpaper flat on a surface to smooth or thin the mating surfaces a smidge and doing lots of test fitting 

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2 hours ago, RWG686 said:

What do you use for resin ?

That red 3M stuff that you might or may not have bought yet.


I'm just re-reading "Wings On My Sleeve" and have just got to the M.52 project.

The proof of the pudding was checked out with the Mossie and the rocket powered scale model,

very much if only eh.

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4 hours ago, Grunhertz said:

wet sand and wear a mask if you can 

Exactly. It does no harm to repeat the danger of resin dust.

The resin used in this kit differs from others but even though it is safer (used for dentures for example ) @Lost Cosmonauts  has still included a 'wear mask' warning in the instructions as its best not to take chances.

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I washed the kit in warm soapy water to remove an oily residue and then found that I had a problem.

The parts took on a stickyness that I couldn't remove.

@Lost Cosmonautsquickly suggested a solution ( and offered to replace the kit if it didn't work..how's that for service?)

I laughed when he said to put it on a windowsill for some sunlight. When does this build finish again ?

Even in the weak sunny spells we had yesterday , it worked.

Today's work got transferred to the bathroom sink where some wet and dry work took place.

I was a bit worried too about the wavy fingerprint type lines on the surface but I need not have as they disappeared with only a slight run over.

She's now ready to start assembly


Sorry about out of focus shot but you get the idea.

The breaks you may have noticed are all my fault. :D

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  • 1 month later...

I had done some assembly and filling on this before I got hit by my second visit from Covid.

I didn't follow @Lost Cosmonautsinstructions. I removed the moulded undercarriage and after doing the fuselage, I glued the wheel well inserts in place.

Unfortunately I forgot to photograph it.

I also made extra work for myself by using superglue to fill the joints.

Tonight I started work on sanding down the joints on the fuselage but had to stop as the mask was making my breathing go wheezy.

I'll probably try taking the whole thing to the bathroom sink tomorrow and try sanding it under running water.

I must also invest in some Isopon stuff.

Hopefully something worth a picture soon


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4 hours ago, Grunhertz said:

I found wet sanding mine helped immensely 

Yes it does doesn't it.

I used it on the basic cleaning up so it will be interesting to see how it works with superglue.

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Sanding wet does nothing for the superglue.

It does make fingers slippery though and I dropped it in the sink.

A chunk out of the front intake where the cockpit goes in. Of course it is on the top where it will be very obvious.

Not sure whether to bodge it by sanding back the resin by 3 mm or fill it using superglue and zap.

Not tonight though as I have lost interest.

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11 minutes ago, RWG686 said:

Not sure whether to bodge it by sanding back the resin by 3 mm or fill it using superglue and zap.

or, option C - If you were to saw off a section of the intake lip I happen to know a bloke who could run off a replacement slice that is uncannily similar 

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