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Stripey Spitfire

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Hi all,

Not very often I get to post two new builds in a week, but here goes...at the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar, Spitfire MJ772 has recently been restored and repainted in new livery, prior to its return to flight. I was recently asked to build a model of this particular airframe for the chap who runs The Two Seat Spitfire Page on FaceBook, who has a growing collection of 1/72 Spitfire T9s. 

As per usual, the AZ Models kit was used in the absence of any other available kit, and just a few minor tweaks were made. The rear canopy bow is moulded way too thick on the kit part, scaling out at around a foot wide and several inches proud of the perspex, so I carved it off, sanded it down, polished it back to clarity, dipped it in Klear and then masked it to paint a much thinner bow. I think it was a small improvement worth making.

The invasion stripes were a pain to mask, taking over two hours for these alone, and the decals were a mixture of Xtradecal for the roundels and code letters and home printed for the serial numbers. The Cross of Lorraine on the cockpit side was assembled from a blue shield shape cut from a scrap Argentinian flag decal from an Airfix Canberra, and three smaller red strips which started life as a wing walk line on a Hasegawa Zero! Lining those up properly on a shield 3mm across was a challenge...😵

The paint used was Tamiya acrylics, and a panel line wash was added to the movable and removable bits only - engine cowlings, flaps, ailerons, elevators, trim tabs etc. I resisted doing a panel line wash all over as in such a small scale it just looks overdone. Final finish was done in Xtracrylix Flat Varnish, after which the canopies were unmasked, the wingtip lights were painted in, the whip aerial under the wing was added and the final touch was to add the propeller - something which always signals the end of the build for me.

You'll be glad to know that it survived the postal service journey to it's new owner, and he seems pleased with it, which is what it's all about really...

Here's a walk around:












And a couple of flyaround shots:stripey14_zps8lknrofa.jpg


Now, what's next...? 😉 


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Invasion stripes are a pig to paint on anything never mind a Spit.

If the old marbles are working correctly,I seem to remember MJ was converted to TR.IX spec for the Irish.

Sure that at one time whilst in the 'States she flew as a single seater with the rear pew just faired over

and looked odd because the two seat conversion entails moving the original cockpit forr'ard by 13 inches.

I think it was Meier Motors that "un-faired" the rear and put her back to two-pew configuration when she came back to Europe.

I certainly know that she had the engine go pop just after take off a couple of years ago and bellied into a field,tearing off the port wing in

the process.(Woodchurch in Kent rings a bell)

The pilot was none other than Rob Davies of Mustang Big Beautiful Doll bail out at Duxford fame,needless to say,he also walked

away from a rather bent MJ772 without a scratch.

Very nice work indeed Deano,she looks very good indeed and very glad your "punter" is pleased with her.

All I know is that if I ever want another Stripey Spitfire,then you're the man.

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