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  • 2 weeks later...

I'd already built my what-if Hunter for a Mike McEvoy Tribute build elsewhere (see pic in the first post of my build thread!), so I was left with only 1 Hunter kit in the stash, and still in a post-Xmas (and pre-

foreign holiday!*) funding drought. So I've only got an OOB build of a Hunter. I didn't want to do a RAF kite, although it was in the RAF that Major McEvoy ,as he was known in SAM (the mag), flew Hunters.

Mike was fond of Lesser-Modelled aircraft of  Lesser Modelled Air Forces, and I'd have loved to build "his" best-known mount, which finished up sold to the Chilean Air Force. Mike actually visited Chile to

be reunited with it! However, it had to be kit decals or decals from my library- it was kit decals as I had nothing suitable. The kit options were 54 Sqn, RAF, or No.1 Sqn, Swiss Air Force. So the Swiss kite

it became! Here she is . . .





And that's it for now. Painted entirely in Humbrol enamels with a hairy stick, thanks are due to the kind forum member who sent me some more Swiss Hunter decals (you know

who you are!). In the end I needed them, some of the kit decals were unusable. I left off a lot of the stencils- life's too short for stencils in 1/72! I remain a careless and impatient

kit assembler. I'd thought of doing another for this GB, but I saw on another forum I frequent, the model I was going to use, in exactly the what-if scheme I would have done, so

since it wasn't an original idea, I abandoned it! I may have another what-if for this, but not until after my looming foreign holiday*.

I'm still unhappy with my photographs, they're lit by the work lights over the bench, 2 photographic lamps I bought specifically for model photography, and the flash on my camera.

Those who can take good model photos will see the issues. Maybe I need to experiment with the settings on the camera, I've had it several years and haven't got past the "Auto" setting!


*A week's winter sun in the Algarve, to celebrate SWMBO's 70th birthday, starting in just over a week!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well there we go then... 

This was a fun build but not a very good kit, but I suppose its a snap fit and you gets what you paid for.

The whole lot is painted Tamiya TS Italian Red and a few other metallic paints. Decals came from an Xtradecal TSR2 What if schemes sheet. Very good decals, like them.

Its not my best, but if I keep faffing about little things I'm going to eff it up, so enough. There's things wrong yes, but I don't care, I had fun :) 





Thanks for watching and all the comments 



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Hawker Hunter F.Mk.6

Flown by Squadron Leader E.H. Williams, Commanding Officer 14 Squadron RAF, based at RAF Gutersloh, West Germany, 1963.

Airfix 1/48th kit, Quickboost ejection seat, Scale Aircraft Conversion undercarriage and markings from Xrtradecal.









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