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What does one do when the paint on one project is drying (G91) and words worse than 'damn' are being uttered on the other (Crusader) ?

Start planning the next project of course..



The sizes on the box tell you that it is big.

Trust me...it is big!



There are problems though.

Not very clear in the photo are the deep  sink marks which I have circled. This is part of the fuselage behind the wing.

There are 16 such sink marks on each fuselage half and 2 equally obvious ones on the upper wing.



I have seen A400Ms of the RAF, Luftwaffe, French and Turkish Air Forces.

I haven't decided yet as to which will appear.

Turkish has the most colourful markings of the ones I've seen as I haven't seen any of the RAF ones with tail badges yet.

Luftwaffe one could have the in flight refuelling pods.

RAF one could have the extra ECM gubbins added.

Sorry @Mish..the French ones I've seen are even more boring than the RAF ones.

This will be a slow build,   not quite to @Kevin's time scale and nowhere as detailed as his masterpieces, so be prepared for this to stretch a few months.

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32 minutes ago, Paul Brown said:

Any colour you like as long as it's grey. It's a pity Qatar Airways aren't running any.

I'll bet those sink marks align with internal ribbing.

One like the first Quatari C-17 would indeed be nice.

The sink marks are indeed where the ribs with the pins / holes for joining are.





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As there are a lot of repairs on what will be a very visible surface , I decided that for once my application of filler would be done neatly .

The roll of cheap masking tape has finally proved useful.

Since photo taken the sink marks have been filled with my home brew dissolved putty.



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On 29/01/2022 at 20:35, RWG686 said:


This will be a slow build,   not quite to @Kevin's time scale and nowhere as detailed as his masterpieces, so be prepared for this to stretch a few months.

lol - perhaps 7+ years is a long time for a build

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1 hour ago, skwonk said:

I quite like the idea of a Luftwaffe one.

I've seen 6 Luftwaffe ones so will need to see if I can make one of  their serials from the decals I have.

I'm still considering an RAF one with the full ECM fit though.

Anyway final choice is a loooooong way off.

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Last night I was doing a bit of research and discovered that there are several bits of the kit cockpit that are inaccurate.

Given the size of the cockpit windows,some of what needs correcting can be seen but thankfully the vast majority of it wont.

I have seen a Luftwaffe A400M fitted with the in flight refuelling pods. It was 54+31 . Not too difficult to make that serial from my after market sheet I think.

Given that the Luftwaffe tanker one has moved up towards the top choice, i went looking for the refuelling pods in my spares. I found one complete and two halves of another two. Unfortunately they are both the same side and the other bits are nowhere to be found.

The Revell Tornado GR1. I wonder if it still has all the  bits for the German one?

Success, I now have two complete Sargent Fletcher in flight refuelling pods.

I knew the pods were updated so on checking my references I found ...

that the A400M is fitted with the Cobham 908E pod. :raincloud:

Perhaps there will be some scratchbuilding later.



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This is an A400M cockpit


All of that will be visible through the kit windows.

This is a Revell A400M cockpit


Note the crude representation of the side stick control.

The pilots would have to reach behind them or be facing the wrong way to operate them!

They give the centre console as flat (parallel to the floor) with the instrument panel at 90 degrees to it. As you can see it isn't 

I might be sawing most of that lot off and starting again.

I can't even do a dry run because Revell in their wisdom have you building the cargo bay floor and bulkheads then sticking the cockpit on.

Fortunately nearly everything behind what I've shown won't be seen so I'll assemble it as per the kit.

Should have done the Herc!:D

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@Grunhertz's question about what could be seen in the cockpit got me thinking.

I decided to see what would be visible before I went mad with the axe razor saw.

Another use found for the cheap crap masking tape


Enough to justify some surgery in my opinion.

Much looking at photos ensued and I came to the conclusion that thankfully not as much as I feared needed to be done.

The seat mountings ,rudder pedals and that lump beside the pedals (which is wrong shape anyway) are too far forward.

Surgery starts


Scrap plastic glued under the holes in the floor and some used to start building up the centre console.

Filler added .


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Work continued on the cockpit and it just needs a wee bit of a clean up then I'll do some primer.

I managed to salvage the kit seat pedestals and glued them further back.

I've modified the instrument panel. The top of the coaming has been altered, I've filled in two of the flat screens which shouldn't be there and the white bits underneath represent the pull out trays.

New rudder pedals and the bit in between 

The first of the bulkheads behind the flightdeck has a curtain and a seat. The curtain is far too big, the seat too small and in the wrong place. The white card is the start of my replacement.

The area behind that has a door and a bunk.

The kit gave two bunks so I cut the top one off.

The big bit of card represents a cupboard and the long strip above the bunk will become a cushion.

I added a storage locker underneath.

I made a door from a bit of card. I wanted the door to stand out just a bit.

Detailing will start after I see what a coat of primer reveals


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The basic cockpit is done and ready for the detail work and wee bits of clean up.

There is  'noch viel zu tun' as its Luftwaffe crew might say.

Edit to add the photographs which some numpty forgot to do yesterday




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