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Airfix BIG Stuka

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Hi all,

This is a model with a story behind it...

I built this kit in 1977 aged 10, eventually broke it up, but saved some parts of it. As an unemployed graduate 13 years later, I repainted the surviving cockpit, engine and propeller. Here they are looking dusty in the present day:



For my 100th build since my return to modelling, I resolved to build the exact same kit, with exactly the same markings, and exactly the same colour scheme error as I did as a child (all over green topside, as Airfix specified), but incorporating the surviving cockpit and propeller without repainting or altering them in any way. The result would be representative of the three ages of man - child, graduate, retiree. 


This is the result, and apologies in advance for the poor photography - it's virtually impossible to photograph something this big properly!

























And here's the cockpit, nestling snugly in it's intended home after over forty years in the wilderness...



Something a bit different for my century build - forty plus years from glueing the first parts, to completing the model!




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I did this kit about a year or two after you, but I'm pretty sure it didn't look as good as yours. I'm amazed you've kept hold of it all these years, mine when on its final flight to the tip not long after.

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looks stunning - I don't think Airfix ever intended this kit to be build quite so well

Back in 1977 (also when I was 10), my mate got given this huge box from his grandmother who had a newsagents in York and always sent him a kit of some type - it was left in the top of his wardrobe as he was told he would be allowed to built it 'one-day'. Every time I went around to his house, I managed to accidently on purpose slip the kit out at the same time as his getting his Flightdeck II game down only to be asked immediately to put the Stuka back - I don't think I have ever seen one of these built at a show so it is nice to see what you have done here.

I can almost hear the dive-bombers sirens from here..

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One original "Superkit" I never got my mitts on(I did the Spit,Hurri,Mustang,109,190 and Harrier).

It looks brilliant Dean,every inch the classic "Sturzkampfflugzeug".

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That's one of the best 1/24 scale Stukas I've seen. I remember building one when I was in my teens, it was so heavy it needed at least 5 drawing pins to hang on my bedroom ceiling,

Cheers Andy

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5 hours ago, Drichc said:

Nice work as usual mate.

You even managed to avoid melting this one.😬


It was a close run thing though, Rich... I did knock the bottle of Plastic Weld over again, but this time it went all over the floor! 🙄 And THAT was after it'd spent the majority of the build Blu-Taked to the bench...

Thanks for the comments folks, it's nice to be back posting again.


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