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Meng 1/35 Whippet

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Thanks for the all clear from Darren and Paul for my started Whippet 
If time allows and if I can get some suitable figures I may make a vignette, though tbh I will just be pleased to finish the tank
Preferably before the deadline for a change 



My only regret about the kit so far is that the instruction have a small drawing of "The Musical Box"
That particular Whippet went on a solo rampage behind enemy lines, but no decal option for the suitably period font is included :( 

Some super subjects already posted and really looking forward to the GB getting under way
Happy modelling everyone!

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On 28/01/2019 at 18:29, Grunhertz said:

Nice one 

You wouldn't say that if you could see it now I've started, Darren! 
Yeesh what a mess! 

Will post some pics shortly but first I've decided to build the kit as "Firefly" in honour of Rufus T. Firefly


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First of all I would like to thank Paul (ToolMaker) for taking the trouble to share WIP photos of his wonderful Whippet.
Inspirational!  :unworthy:

If my maths is correct, and there's no reason to believe it is, there are 144 track links with 3 attachment points each.
That going to be 432 nubs to sand off.   Something to look forward too 



Having also removed the road wheel parts from the sprues decided I'd earned some fun modelling, post lunch.
Didn't go quite to plan as the pre assembled parts of the crew compartment proved to be out of kilter.
At least sorting out someone else's misaligned parts made a change from sorting out my own (bigger) cock ups.


Ran some Tamiya thin cement along the join inside but unfortunately a small chunk cracked off.   


But at least the panel is now more orthogonally aligned.   However it didn't help the overall fit.  
In the end, some of the panels worked loose, which helped in correcting the crew compartment fit.



A few small gaps to sort out and some tedious tidying up to do but she's starting to take shape


Thanks for looking.  

Hope to try and get the lower hull and fuel tank on after dinner if energy levels allow.  
The tidy up can wait! xD

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On 01/02/2019 at 18:31, Blue Noser said:

Looks a bit of a troublesome blighter! but great stuff so far, good luck with those links!


Put it down to driver error rather than a fault with the car, Bob! lol

Thanks Duncan and Bob
Made some progress 
Spent time over the weekend cleaning up the track links and road wheels.
To quote Ringo Starr , "I've got blisters on my fingers!!"  (internet cookie if you know which song caused Ringo to throw down his sticks and shout)

The kit has gone together rather well since the above 
Well, I say went together well, I melted the lower half of the petrol tank casing 
Luckily I noticed before it went completely useless.  
But it meant I literally had to cut corners! lol

First the restorative plastic surgery.  It's been sanded back a bit more.  Just need to replace the rivets.  
Have a couple of ideas how to, but any suggestions as to the best method would be welcome.


The wheels and muck chute went on really well.  As did the side plates.  
All ready to be attached though I will spray the rear of the muck chutes first.  Looks like it could be a tad tricky to get the airbrush into the recess after assembly.



Having a break from the Whippet tonight and hope to crack on tomorrow
Once I've tidied up will attach the delicate bits that are bound to get pranged during handling

As always, thanks for looking and for the support

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Appreciate the support, thanks guys.

No progress for the last couple days
Spent yesterday in bed and not enough energy to do anything 
Need to attend to domestic stuff so it might not be until Sunday/Monday before I can get back to the table at the earliest :( 

But good to follow what everyone else is doing 


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Apologies for the lack of updates.
I've spent most of the week in bed hoping to recover some energy but the plan has backfired as the wooziness has increased.
That's not how it's supposed to work! xD

I made some rivets and popped them on the damaged panel and the wheel units are now on.
Need to do all the fiddly hooks and protruding delicate things that will inevitably get crushed during handling! :rolleyes:

Also need to sort out the tiny ejection pin marks on the sides of the wooden blocks.  
Looking forward to that!  Will dry fit them first though.  With luck most of the pins won't be visible

Was hoping to be priming the kit but hey the ho.  


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Got the Whippet primed with a first coat having got all parts sorted and stuck on.
Only first coat because some how I split me nozzle (and matron wouldn't kiss it better missus)
Awaiting a replacement so I can touch up some places what I missed. 

Will try and post some pics later though given as it's 01:00 hrs and all you good folks will no doubt be  all wrapped up snug as a bug and dreaming of Wing Nut Wings
the pics will already be posted and seen, leaving me wondering why I'm making this post xD


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4 minutes ago, Grunhertz said:

Let me guess H&S nozzle? 

Give the man a cigar!
I take it this is common problem? 

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The Making of Rivets 
In case anyone is unfamiliar with the reusable plastics a quick photo guide on how I made the rivets.


Having melted the plastic in hot water to soften it, the now malleable plastic was pressed onto the upper panel of the petrol tank housing
After it had cooled and hardened, the mould was removed.  
Kneadatite/Green Stuff was pressed into the mould and allowed to cure.
It was then a simple matter of slicing the rivets off the strip and attaching to the damaged panel with CA

Its a quick and easy method of making a simple press mould 
You can also use resin to cast with, and it is possible to make a 2 part mould for more complex items.
Videos are available on youtube.

While not perfect the result was better than the damage done in the picture previously posted.

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A Tale of Fiddly Bits and Broken Rings.

The handles on the engine covers were damaged on the sprue and presented a bit of a challenge to remove in one piece and clean up.


Even then they were somewhat twisted and required a strict talking to, to get them in the location holes.  
Once they were in and the glue set, more gentle persuasion was needed to align the blighters.

I learned a new trick of how to remove tiny parts.
The attachment point on the hooks for the side plates was wider than the diameter of the part.
So I used a new scalpel blade to gently shave off the excess attachment until it was thinner than the part.
A bit of a faff but saved time cleaning up.
I only lost one hook to the carpet monster, but there were more hooks than required provided.  Nice one Meng!


Having put them on and not found a good solution with what I have available to attach the cable ends to a "cable", I did some research.
Not many photos of Whippets showed a cable being carried, so I'm not going to put one on.
Not sure if the hooks should be removed, but they're on now so they can stay.

Two of the machine gun gimbal rings were damaged but it was an easy fix.
The two undamaged rings had their locating tags sanded off because it was late and I thought they were stubs from the sprue attachment 


One of the fixed rings decided to break again during assembly, so I just stuck the separate halves on which left a tiny gap
All guns but one are movable the last decided to get all gummed up with Tamiya Liquid Cement or not fit snugly.


The tracks mostly clicked together nicely and a touch of cement was used (thanks for the tip Toolmaker) to help keep them together.  
Again Meng provided some extra track links.

The wooden blocks were tidied up and some discs were made from thin styrene sheet to fill their ejection pin marks
So all the parts that are going to used are put together and the box is now 


I'll be painting the wooden blocks while I wait for my new nozzle which I've been told is on the way.
Thanks as always for looking


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Exactly the same issue on the Takom version as well Paul, The engine cover handles were minute, and the gates on the runners were quite beefy :) 

All of these snapped when they were taken off, but I managed to get them all happy again. Good tip tho about cutting down on the runners :thumbsup:


Mad Steve 

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You have to be careful how you takom off the sprue Steve! (groan)
Looks good.  Like the big ID stripes over the front

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11 minutes ago, Walrus said:

You have to be careful how you takom off the sprue Steve! (groan)
Looks good.  Like the big ID stripes over the front

Groan... :) 

Its not an actual finish, just made up, thought it looked nice tho, If you'll permit...




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Like it! 
(except for the death's head skull on the front.  It was used on armour by the Freikorps.  Nasty bunch of proto-Nazis) lol

Did the stowage bins come with the kit?  
It's something Meng sadly neglected.

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Pretty sure I came across a photo of a Whippet in Freikorps markings.
One of my Mastebox 1/72 Austin Armoured Cars was finished in such a scheme

Didn't know the Chinese had Whippets.  The Japanese bought some.
The post war period is a topic I'd like to learn more about 
Also some of the theatres of war that aren't often discussed. 

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That's excellent work and good idea with those rivets - I'll file that away and completely forget about it when the occasion demands.

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